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10 movie roles we’d love to see Brett Dalton play

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After finding success on the small screen, Brett Dalton is setting his sights on the big screen as well. With one independent film (Beside Still Waters) already making its rounds on DVD and two more (The Resurrection of Gavin Stone and The Tourist) in the pipeline waiting to be released, the young actor is working hard to make sure fans know he’s more than just the character he plays on TV.

We love Brett Dalton as Grant Ward on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. but it’s no secret that there are plenty of other roles we think he’d be brilliant in. From comedy to action to romance, Brett Dalton is the definition of leading man material and that’s why he doesn’t fit into just one category.

With that in mind, we’ve created a list of the top ten film roles we would like to see Brett in that have nothing to do with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Read on to see what we chose and let us know if you agree.


10.  A Lethal Weapon Remake

Everyone knows that Lethal Weapon is a classic. There have been rumors that Hollywood has wanted to reboot this for a while. Sadly, as far as we know, there’s nothing more than rumors. But can you picture Brett Dalton reprising the role of Martin Riggs (played by Mel Gibson in the original films)? Bonus points if they cast The Flash’s Jesse L. Martin as Roger (originally played by Danny Glover). We love the idea of Marvel and DC coming together for a beloved buddy cop movie!


9.  A Seth Rogen Comedy

The popularity of this genre is booming at the moment in Hollywood. It seems that comedian Seth Rogen is continuously dishing out hit after hit. He continues to cast some of Hollywood’s favorite leading men, from established stars like Zac Efron to up and coming actors such as Anthony Mackie. Brett definitely has the acting chops and amazing comedic timing to pull off a role of this nature. He would fit so well in a Seth Rogen comedy à la Neighbors and The Night Before.


8.  A Musical

We’ve all heard Brett Dalton sing, right? And if you haven’t, you really should. You can check out some of that singing in this impromptu rendition of “Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?” (filmed to thank Kickstarter contributors of Beside Still Waters). As you can hear, he’s got a damn good voice on top of all those good looks. Imagine him as the fan favorite Fiyero in a film adaptation of the award winning musical, Wicked. Fans of the Broadway show have been itching for a film for years. Maybe it’s time Hollywood granted their wishes. Can we click our heels three times to make this happen?


7.  A Disney Prince

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Disney Pictures has started adapting their most famous fairytales into live action films. We’ve recently seen Cinderella and Maleficent on the big screen. Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid are already in works. Yet Disney still hasn’t announced a live action film with one of their most famous Disney Princesses of this generation, Rapunzel. Imagine a live action film based on Tangled where Brett can play the daring thief with a heart of gold, Flynn Rider. Are you picturing it? Good. Now, try getting that mental image out of your head. You won’t be able to. Trust us; we’ve been trying to for a long time.


6.  A book adaptation

More and more books are being adapted into film every year. Whether it’s an epic adventure series like The Hunger Games or a suspenseful thriller like The Revenant, these films are either becoming blockbuster franchises or in the running for Oscars. That’s all great of course but what about the fun and much lighter books that don’t always get a lot of love in Hollywood even though they are beloved by readers around the world. The romantic comedy genre seems to be slowly dying. Fortunately, there are a lot of incredible books by a lot of talented authors that could be beautifully translated into film and breathe new life into the genre. We think Brett fits the leading man role in any of those books. He’s definitely swoon-worthy.


5.  A Fast and the Furious Film

Even though one of its main stars has passed, the franchise about fast cars and elaborate heists is still going strong. With Hobbs seemingly compromised in his job to bring Dom and his crew to justice, the franchise could use a new FBI agent who’s trying to bring them all in. Brett already has experience playing a super spy and a by the book agent from his work on TV. Besides, can you picture the witty banter between him and Dwayne Johnson or Vin Diesel? Cue the Boy Scout jokes please!


4.  A Shakespearean Adaptation

Shakespeare is no stranger to Hollywood adaptations. From Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet to Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing, movie fans chomp at the bit to see more of Shakespeare on screen. Whether it is a modern adaptation or a period piece, Brett Dalton would make an excellent Richard III. And bonus: the actor has actually expressed some interest in playing the character on stage. Why not make his dreams come true and cast him in a film adaptation of the famous king instead?


3.  A DC Character in the DCEU

Marvel may have opened the doors for this young actor, but why stop there? If the whole Marvel thing doesn’t work out, there’s another comic company that is ready to get their cinematic universe off the ground in 2016. Brett would fit in perfectly as Dick Grayson (Nightwing) or Jason Todd (Red Hood). Both these characters are rough around the edges. One is the epitome of an action hero and the other is an anti-hero with a tortured soul. Either way, we’ve seen Brett be consistently good with similar characterizations on TV and we know he could really shine in either of these roles.


2.  A lead role in Top Gun 2

Top Gun 2 seems to be moving forward with original cast members Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer seemingly on board to reprise their roles of Maverick and Iceman. But with these two veterans returning to the Naval Academy, presumably in mentoring roles, the film is likely to cast an entirely new cast of young up and coming talent to lead the franchise into a new generation. We think Brett could play the newest hothead cadet who reminds Maverick of his younger self. Maverick has likely matured with age and it’ll be fun to see him having to deal with the same attitude he used to give his own superior officers in the original film. Does Brett have the need for speed? Something tells us that he might be ready to step into the danger zone.


1.  An Uncharted Film

Sony has been trying to get this project off the ground for a while now. But things haven’t clicked for them yet. Whether it’s the director, the screenwriter or the lead actor they’ve chosen, fans have been very lukewarm when it comes to their excitement over any news that comes out about this franchise. With that said, fans still haven’t given up on their favorite sarcastic, grave robbing action hero. We’re not the only ones who think Brett would be great for Nate. There’s even a hashtag on social media where fans express their love for this casting choice. Fans have already decided that they like Brett in the lead role of Nathan Drake, especially after seeing him in the role of Mike Munroe in the PlayStation game Until Dawn this year.

Whether he’s an action hero or tortured King, Brett Dalton is sure to make you cheer, laugh and cry with every performance, no matter what role he’s playing. This fan favorite’s bright star is definitely on the rise. And we can’t wait to see him light up Hollywood.

Let us know if you’d like Brett in any of these roles or if you have your own choices in the comments below.

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