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A Farewell to Grant Ward – Isa

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“The job was to blend in, gather intel on Coulson’s revival. That’s it.” (Episode 1×18: Providence)

This scene is one of my favorite moments for the simple fact that this was one of the first when we started to know the real Grant Ward. I was still so confused about him turning out to be Hydra and working for the Clairvoyant, and I needed to believe that there was a reason for doing what he did. This scene shed some light onto what his motivation was. Ward was only working undercover in Coulson’s team to gather intel on how Agent Coulson had been brought back to life. Nobody was supposed to get hurt, and he makes it clear that he had no involvement in Skye getting shot under the Clairvoyant’s orders.

Ward’s clearly unhappy with his mentor’s decisions. The way the whole scene developed was interesting to me because I saw a father/son dynamic. A young son standing up to his father, with Garrett assuming the position of a manipulative parent. Garret’s trying to make light of the situation, and once he realizes that Grant isn’t in the mood for his jokes he resorts to a guilt-trip by reminding him what his mission was for. Now we know the whole mission was about saving the life of Garrett, whose days were numbered.

Grant Ward was revealed to be loyal and indebted to a man who’d stop at nothing to achieve his goals. Grant would do anything to help him get there.

“Skye, I came back for her” (Episode 1×19: The Only Light in the Darkness)

While this may seem a simple scene, it was one that stuck with me. Ward contacted the team again because he needed Skye to decrypt the hard drive that contained all the information needed to save Garrett’s life. Get Skye to decrypt the hard drive or cross off the team and bring her back to Garrett. Ward was in a difficult situation. If he got caught by the lie detector his mission was over. He would not only fail Garrett but would also lose Skye and the team. Ward, being one of the best spies in the agency, manages to pass the test. Agent Koening asks why he really is at the Providence base, trying to find if Ward had any connections with Hydra. Grant simply replies that he’s there for Skye, that he came back for her. And while it lines up with Garrett’s latest assignment, it also is true that Grant wanted to spend more time with her.

Ward helps Agent 33 get her identity back (Episode 2×14: Love in the time of Hydra)

When Agent 33 helped Grant off the ground after he’d been shot by Skye, I found myself looking forward to what these two would be up to. Theories about mutual help and healing came from everyone. When we first see them again, they are in a mission to get help to give Agent 33 her face back. As the episode progressed we started seeing that Grant’s and 33’s methods were unorthodox, but this is the show that had been telling us that some times it’s okay to do a bad thing for the right reasons. Agent 33 nursed Ward back into health and, in kind, he wanted to help her find who she really was.

The moment when Agent 33 gets her face back and introduces herself to Grant as Kara was one of the most genuine moments I saw during the second season of the show. While she wasn’t 100% recovered, they had finally managed to get her identity back. He tells her he’s proud of her, because she is a survivor just like him. Whatever happened after this moment my not have been where I wanted this storyline to go, but Grant taking care of someone else is something that just came naturally to him. Whatever else may be true of Ward, this was about helping someone else to heal.

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