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A Farewell to Grant Ward – Keyla

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Why did I “Stand With Ward” and why would anybody root for him? Ward is all of us. An imperfect individual whom went down a path of darkness. It’s human nature to go through rough patches, but Ward represented the ones who never got the help they needed to get out of the darkness. We rooted for him to be redeemed and forgiven. For Ward to not let his past define him until the end. Rest In Peace

Ward in the Vault (Episode 2×01: Shadows)

The first time I truly related to Grant Ward was the first episode of Season 2, Shadows. Ward was captured and taken prisoner of SHIELD. Left in a jail cell for SHIELD to use now for intel, Ward was broken and damaged, stripped of the identity someone else gave him. He described the ways he tried to take his own life while in their custody. My heart ached for Grant Ward during the entire scene between himself and Skye. Just think about it for a moment… what if the life you live now turned out to be all a lie? Brett Dalton was beyond fantastic during this episode. He depicted Ward’s pain perfectly, a pain many people have felt, and I will always remember that moment.

Ward goes Undercover (Episode 1×04: Eye Spy)

On the lighter side of things, Ward’s character was a badass spy. Grant Ward was trained with intentions to overthrow SHIELD, but his skills while working with the team were impeccable. During the first season, in Eye Spy, Ward had to go undercover with a pair of glasses linked to Akela Amador. Skye tagged along, but stayed behind in the van, being his right hand woman while he was in the facility. Ward’s character always had a way to make you laugh when he was very serious about something. During the operation, there was a slight push back when they found out he couldn’t flirt his way into the other room because maybe the man inside wasn’t his type. Therefore resulting in the badassery of a fight and escape from the facility. Any time there was a moment between Skye and Ward was memorable because the chemistry was obvious. Hands down though, during Eye Spy I saw for the first time Grant Ward was formidable.

Ward and Buddy (Episode 1×21: Ragtag)

How could I not mention Grant when he was younger? I’ve always believed that there can be one moment in someone’s life that can change their future dramatically. Grant Ward’s was when he first met Garrett. Garrett was Ward’s escape from the damaging environment he’d been living in. It’s a constant battle for a character like Ward, so an escape from it is tempting. Garrett takes Ward to the woods with a dog named Buddy, telling Ward he’d better learn how to be a man and care for himself, before leaving them. Could you imagine that? Being a teenager, left in the woods to fend for yourself and a dog? I admired Grant Ward’s strength.

I admired his strength even more when Garrett returned months later and told Ward it was time to leave, but only if he shot Buddy. Again, imagine spending months with a companion like Buddy, only to the have to decide to kill him or not. Ward does make a shot, but we never see in the episode what he shot at. Was it Buddy? I’d like to think no. Buddy was his last bit of hope left, and Ward would not have ended that life so easily. Young Ward tells me a lot about the older Ward that we’ve seen a lot more of. Young Ward was confused and easily manipulated, someone Garrett molded into what he needed. I can’t imagine how it would feel to think that someone cared for and loved me, only to find out they had those intentions instead. I felt truly bad for Young Ward at this moment, because he still wasn’t on the path to be redeemed at all, and his pain would continue to adulthood. 

Rest In Peace Grant Ward, one of the characters on Agents of SHIELD who wasn’t perfect. Who was damaged like we all are and who should have had a chance to be redeemed. It’s not fair for anyone to never get a chance to get help. There’s hope for all of us.

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