RIP Grant Ward

A Farewell to Grant Ward – Introduction

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For the last two and a half seasons, Brett Dalton has played Grant Ward on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Ward started out as the straight-laced Agent, terrible at playing with others, who found a home with an unlikely group of outsiders. Then, in a move that changed the game completely for the show, it turned out that he’d been playing the long con as a Hydra double agent. It was a bold move which polarised a fanbase. Grant Ward has been through several incarnations since the huge reveal in Turn, Turn, Turn but during Maveth, the mid season finale of season three, Grant Ward’s story finally ended.

Maybe you saw Ward as a troubled kid who couldn’t quite work out how to become the hero he so desperately wanted to be. Perhaps you saw the man who had to learn time and again that his feelings were a weakness, until he eventually it seemed as though he’d learned to live without caring for anything. It’s possible that you found yourself looking at a person who’d decided that, having lost everything, he would simply become the villain that everyone believed him to be.

Regardless of whether you loved Grant Ward or hated him, there’s no doubt that Brett Dalton gave the character everything he had, and people responded to that in an incredible way. Fortunately for us, Brett’s still going to be there when the show comes back on March 8 (although we have yet to discover what’s taken over Ward’s body), but Grant Ward as we knew him is no more. This week we wanted to take a moment to say goodbye to a character who made us laugh, cry, and yell profanities at our TV screens.

Later today we’ll be sharing with all of you our most memorable Grant Ward moments. Let us know yours as we do our last #WardWednesday

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