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Agents of SHEILD 3×01 'Laws of Nature' Review

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Official synposis for Laws of Nature:

When a new Inhuman is discovered, Coulson and the team have an encounter with another organization seeking powered people; Fitz goes to extreme measures to determine how to get Simmons back.

Has Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. hit upon the magic formula that will help the show recover from its ratings disappointments in preceding seasons?

When the show premiered in 2013, many were hoping for a show about superheroes and, to some, it seemed that the show had failed to deliver. After the season 2 finale, with the introduction of Inhumans to the storyline, it seemed that they might actually get what they wanted all along; a show that felt like it was a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, rather than small references to the larger, more exciting world of Marvel. The Season 3 premiere, “Laws of Nature”, delivered what was promised: a fully capable S.H.I.E.L.D. with a badass team, new high tech gadgets and actual superheroes.

Who knew being healthy and taking your vitamins would result in massive changes biologically and becoming something better… something Inhuman. After the Terrigen crystals fell into the ocean during the Season 2 finale, we were expecting quite a few changes. Immediately from the start, the premiere kicked off with what we wanted: a newly transformed Inhuman, named Joey, discovering his ability to liquefy objects up to 3 meters away. Pretty cool, right? Even cooler to see our beloved Skye, going by her birth name Daisy now, starting to live up to her comic book counterpart Quake. Plus new gadgets that reminded us how capable S.H.I.E.L.D. can actually be and it’s refreshing to see our favorite team come out on top. My inner nerd got all giddy seeing the new S.H.I.E.L.D. “bus”  (known as the Zephyr 1) and the very convenient escaping “room to go” which swiftly got Joey out of harm’s way and away from another black ops team.

When Daisy, Mack, and Hunter arrived to Joey’s rescue, they knew exactly what to do and how to do it. A well orchestrated operation to save a new Inhuman from being captured from another interested party. Joey (who I will refer to as Meltdown for now) being openly gay provides us with a glimpse of the show’s growth by reflecting the challenges of real life individuals coming out, and how now he has another major change going on in him by becoming Inhuman. Smart move for the show to create a situation fans can relate to. S.H.I.E.L.D. is finally a team again and for fans it’s refreshing to see everyone have a similar goal: to find the Inhumans.

Stepping into a different role that we’re not accustomed to seeing, Bobbi is using her biology degree and handling the “How Do We Get Coulson’s Arm Back” operation. OK, not totally focusing on Coulson but she is stepping into a role which we think Jemma would be handling if she wasn’t running from god knows what in that short glimpse we had at the end of the episode. What is new and amazing to see about the season 3 premiere is the new dynamic of the team. Everyone has their duty and it seems everyone is focusing on doing their job. Again, refreshing to see the team on the same page because the last thing we needed was a conflicting ideals among teammates (which was a common theme last season).

Anyway, Bobbi is the acting “Brainiac” and covering for Fitz while he is on mission to save his love, Jemma. We found our favorite genius lover boy in Morocco trying to get an artifact which could lead to the answers he’s been looking for to get Jemma back. Only to be tragically denied that answer at end of the episode. Meanwhile, the bromance between Mack and Fitz might be revisited because of his growing concern for Fitz’s well being. From a fan perceptive, Fitz is distraught, depressed, and in denial of the reality the team has accepted: Jemma is gone. All of which gives us more reason to love FitzSimmons.

Director Coulson and his new arm was the only odd ball that hasn’t gotten used to calling Daisy… Daisy. Am I the only one who thinks this season is much sexier? Clark Gregg rocked his characters new digs and is sporting a darker look after Coulson’s arm was cut off. Let’s all thank the Marvel TV Gods for making the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. more exciting and hopefully it lasts throughout the season (sorry not sorry). Plus let’s talk about the meeting between Coulson and the beautiful Rosalind Price portrayed by Constance Zimmer (Unreal). What seemed like a d*ck measuring contest at first turned out to be a meeting of revelations. When Coulson thought he’d be catching Price off guard in the subway, she put him in his place but quickly got served with the horrifying truth: they might indeed be on the same side! Price’s team of black ops agents (the government created Advanced Threat Containment Unit, A.T.C.U.) and Coulson’s team aren’t the ones killing the Inhumans by blasting a hole through their chests. Instead, it’s the new Inhuman Lash who is causing such havoc.

Maybe anticipation of Matthew Willig’s reveal as Lash caused me to feel like there was something missing: great make-up effects. We’ll credit that the introduction of his character wasn’t in complete spotlight so maybe we haven’t seen it in its full glory but when he came crashing the Skye… I mean Daisy and Lincoln reunion party, he didn’t look so special. The visual effects though were on point especially when Lincoln and Daisy were side by side trying to hold off the powerful Inhuman. Either way, anticipation has begun for the rest of the season to find out where Lash came from, who is he working for, and what’s his deal with killing his fellow brethren? Another bizarre turn of events was Lincoln’s new opinion about Inhumans, calling it a curse, and hoping for the heritage to die.

The Terrigen mist is spreading and according to Coulson’s team findings, there’s only 17 months and 21 days until the complete spread across the world. I feel my inner nerd senses tingling again! Season 3 has set up itself for nothing short of amazing because of finally giving us the superhero show we so long awaited for. Revealing that Simmons is indeed in another galaxy gives us hope that show will connect with the Marvel cosmic universe. Along with all these exciting turn of events, where was Ward and Agent May? What other Inhumans will be discovered? Are we getting any MCU cameos this season? Regardless, this season is shaping up to be the best yet. What are your thoughts on the Season 3 premiere and what are you looking forward to seeing for the rest of the season?

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