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Agents of SHIELD 3×07 'Chaos Theory' Review

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Official synopsis for Chaos Theory:

“As Daisy and the team fight to protect Inhumans, S.H.I.E.L.D. discovers the shocking truth about one of their biggest foes. Meanwhile, Fitz helps Simmons recover information that could lead them back through the portal.”


Cue the sunset and the tears! Last night’s Chaos Theory was intense, action packed and emotional. We finally got to see May and Andrew’s romantic getaway in Maui. After last week’s giant reveal that Andrew is in fact Lash, it was rather bittersweet, as we suspected that they were facing an inevitable separation. The friendly psychologist we’d grown to love has a dangerous Inhuman side he can’t seem control. Why not? The answer to that question didn’t take long, because season 3 isn’t taking things slow, quickly resolving many plot lines introduced in the first few episodes. It’s a considerable change from previous, slower paced, seasons but, for me, it’s been rather hit and miss.

Chaos Theory focused mostly on the confrontation between Andrew and the team, so it was less of a mess than last week’s episode. The question of how Andrew transformed was answered, but I wonder if there’s not more to Lash, given the urge he has to eliminate his own kind. Could there be something more to his Inhuman transformation?

May confronted Andrew, interrupting his session with Joey. Joey himself had no idea that he was actually alone in a room with Lash, being dismissed by May before Andrew could act out the lethal visions he was seeing. Garner revealed to May that Coulson sent him Jiaying’s possessions, including a book containing a list of the Afterlife Inhumans. It turns out she’d rigged it to shoot out Terrigen mist, which turned Andrew. After his transformation, Andrew-as-Lash felt a “hunger” to find and kill other Inhumans. I was terrified of Garner during this entire conversation, because he seemed unstable and in need of help. May rarely shows her vulnerable side, but she appeared truly broken seeing the man she loves in this state.

Meanwhile, Coulson and Rosalind were still holding to the deal they struck to cooperate with each other, with Rosalind visiting SHIELD. Daisy insisted that she be the one to show Rosalind around, which gave the women time to size each other up. Rosalind emphasized her belief that Inhumans are dangerous, calling Daisy naïve to believe that SHIELD’s training methods will work for everyone.

There were plenty of heart wrenching moments last night and, as usual, Fitz and Simmons were at the heart of several of them. Simmons gave Fitz her cell phone, full of recordings from the alien planet, so that he could recover the footage. Having succeeded in doing just that, Fitz watched as Jemma admitted her feelings for him, whilst accepting that she would never see him again. Iain De Caestecker and Elizabeth Henstridge are always incredible whether they’re in a scene together or separately, and this was no exception.

Fitz had a breakthrough whilst watching the footage, finding a clue on from the wall of the monolith chamber. The mission emblem on Will’s suit is imprinted on the wall, and he wonders if there’s some conspiracy that led to Will ending up on the planet with his NASA team. I did find it ironic that when Will and Simmons were last together they were going to watch the sunrise, only for the show to steal that same moment this episode for FitzSimmons.

Lincoln returned with the information that Jiaying’s ledger was being used as a kill list, leading to Coulson and the team figuring out that Andrew is Lash. They also quickly established that he had abducted May. This led to a joint ATCU and SHIELD mission, to both rescue May and take down Garner. During the rescue, Lincoln inconveniently decided to take up a personal vendetta against Andrew, causing his transformation into Lash. Lash almost succeeded in throwing Rosalind to her death, but Daisy’s quick use of her powers ended up saving the head of the ATCU. Hopefully Rosalind will remember this moment down the track.

May eventually succeeds in getting through to Lash, triggering his change back into Andrew again. Finally she shoots Andrew, forcing him into a containment unit, where he’s then trapped. In what’s likely to be key moment for May going forward, she confesses to Coulson that she didn’t know if her bullets would kill Andrew, but shot him anyway. Finally, May asks Daisy for advice, before allowing the ATCU to take Andrew. They eventually halt his transformation by putting him in cryostasis.

By the end of the episode it seems this act of trust might end up being a mistake. Rosalind turns out to be in contact with Gideon Malick, self declared Hydra head from last week. The brief tag scene only gives us a small glimpse at a larger plan in the works with Rosalind and Malick. Could Ward be involved? Brett Dalton has hinted that there’s something big coming, but we’re still waiting for Grant Ward to be utilized to his full potential as the promised villain of the season.

Rosalind’s true identity remains a mystery. I thought she could be Abigail Brand, the head of S.W.O.R.D., but the last scene from the episode seems to indicate otherwise. Now we now Malick and Rosalind are working together. What do you think they’re up to? I wonder if perhaps they’re trying to create an Inhuman army.

I’m hoping that we’ll get to see more of Lash, and maybe get more explanation of why he has this drive to kill Inhumans. I’m still holding out hope we’ll get a connection with the Inhuman world of Attilan on the show. Maybe Lash could provide a definitive connection. Chaos Theory tightened up from last week’s messy plot, but season 3 has still been wildly inconsistent.

What did you think of last night’s episode? Any ideas about what Malick, Ward, and Rosalind are up to? Share your theories and comments below or hit me up on Twitter to chat more about the episode @KeylaAlves_T.

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