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Every once in a while, you watch a film that sort of stays with you even after you’ve left the theater. When a movie is capable of sparking dialogue between you and those around you, then you know it was worth the price of admission. If you’re still talking about it the morning after, you know it was a damn good movie. I had the pleasure of watching this type of movie at the Atlanta Film Festival in the spring of 2014 from director and co-writer Chris Lowell.

Beside Still Waters
focuses on Daniel, who has just lost his parents and is now losing his family’s lake house. On his last weekend at his childhood home, Daniel invites his oldest friends to join him in saying goodbye to the place they all grew up in. Tensions arise and shenanigans ensue in what is a heartfelt tribute to love, friendship, letting go and moving on.

With an all-star cast that includes The Blacklist’s Ryan Eggold, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s Brett Dalton, Saturday Night Live‘s Beck Bennett and Veep’s Reid Scott among many more, Beside Still Waters is able to give its audience a realistic portrayal of what it means to grow up and let your childhood go in order to welcome your future.

Beside Still Waters isn’t a “movie” in the sense of spectacles with big Hollywood budgets that can blow sh-t up to keep you entertained for two hours. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I love watching those too. However, it’s a “film” that enlightens its audience, makes you look at your own life and connects with you on a personal and incredibly thought provoking level. You will fall deeply in love with these characters whose journey you’ve been invited to experience.

And while it only takes place during the span of one very long weekend, there is a lifetime of memories spread out throughout the film that will make you feel like you’ve known them for as long as they’ve known each other.

Beside Still Waters successfully played in film festivals across the country before its limited release took place back in 2014. Lowell was able to get his independent film distributed through a very successful Kickstarter project. He was able to raise the bare minimum of what he needed in less than two days.

After personally experiencing this film back in 2014 (I also own the DVD), I still feel that more people need to see it. So whether you’re a fan of one of the cast members, Chris Lowell or even just a fan of really well made independent films, make sure to check out Beside Still Waters. The film is worth every penny. Trust me!

Update: Chris Lowell was able to raise more than $200,000 for his Kickstarter campaign. Beside Still Waters opened in limited release on November 14, 2014 while VOD and iTunes downloads became available on November 18, 2014. You can still download the film on iTunes now.

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