Brett Dalton: TVs next Man of Steel?

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The news that Supergirl is officially bringing Superman back to The CW broke less than 48 hours ago, and the internet has been buzzing with dream casting the coveted role ever since. Despite a few obvious veteran choices being thrown in, such as Smallville’s Tom Welling, fans are looking forward to the possibility of a new Man of Steel donning the iconic cape this fall. Out of all the names making the rounds, one name seems to keep popping up: Brett Dalton.

With Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. now in his rearview mirror for good, the actor is currently on the lookout for his next noteworthy role. Since many fans would like to see him make his way from Marvel to DC, we’ve come up with five reasons why this role would be a great fit:


  1. He is already well versed in the comic book genre: Brett has extensive experience working in the comic book genre after being a part of Marvel TV for the last few years, excelling in his parts as both the hero-turned-traitor Grant Ward and the more villainous Hive. Brett’s love for comics has been a lifelong affair, with his love for lesser known characters such as Death’s Head II and Lobo well documented. With Brett’s experience, it seems he is already very aware of the responsibility an actor is given when they’re cast in the role of a beloved and iconic comic book character such as Superman.


  1. He’ll avoid being typecast in a villainous role: After three years of playing a baddie on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Brett’s next role could be the polar opposite of Grant Ward. Clark Kent is the epitome of goodness, with his true nature as Superman bringing an unmatched strength to the character. As the world’s greatest superhero, there is no grey area to Superman, with the character’s complexity coming from other areas in his life. Superman has not been getting a lot of love in the media, but maybe a more lighthearted and relatable version of the character could win back critics and fans alike.


  1. His acting range allows him to play a dual identity flawlessly: We got to watch Brett play three different characters in as many years on one TV show. However, when it comes to dual identities, the story of Superman reigns supreme. Brett has more than proven that he has the physical skill necessary to convey Superman’s brute strength, but this role would also give him the opportunity to exercise his comedic timing as the unassuming Clark Kent. We’ve seen him play multiple shades of the same character back to back, but think of how much fun it would be to watch him play the dual role of Superman and Clark at the same time!


  1. He already has his own legion of loyal fans that will follow him to his next venture: Brett Dalton’s popularity skyrocketed during his tenure on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and yet he’s still considered relatively unknown. We don’t yet know if the Supergirl series is looking to stunt cast the role, or if they want someone unknown, but with Brett they could have a little bit of both.


  1. This could open doors beyond the comic book genre: As of right now, the role of Superman is only scheduled to appear in the first two episodes of Supergirl’s second season. However, there is always the possibility that the character could recur in future episodes, or even appear in other DC shows, since the network is already planning their 4-show crossover in December. Moving Supergirl to The CW also means that he’d be landing a role on a network that likes to reuse their actors for different purposes. Brett is undoubtedly leading-man material, and appearing on this buzz-worthy, critically acclaimed show could even lead to him landing his very own pilot.


What do you think about Brett Dalton potentially taking flight as the Man of Steel? Do you like the idea of him making a move to DC? Regardless of what role he does choose to do next, we are looking forward to seeing what comes next for this incredibly talented actor.

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  1. I think Bret Dalton would make the prefect Superman , he handsome and he has the talent to do whatever he wants.

    Love him…

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