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Gavin Stone – Behind the Scenes photo December 8

Lily Miranda The Resurrection of Gavin Stone

It looks like community service isn’t as easy as Gavin Stone probably expected it to be. In the latest production still from the upcoming independent film, The Resurrection of Gavin Stone, we’re given a glimpse into what Gavin’s (Brett Dalton) day to day responsibilities would be. But that all changes when he gets the lead part in the “Passion” play at the church where he is forced to volunteer.

It’s obvious that Gavin doesn’t have very much experience with household chores. In this new still, the child actor warily eyes the cleaning products he’s been given to perform the task at hand. Gavin has probably never felt more confused in his life than when picking up the foreign objects meant to clean and disinfect. In this scene, he’s mopping up the floors of a public bathroom.  He’s also not exactly dressed for the part. Wearing denim jeans and a nice button up dress shirt, Gavin really didn’t think ahead before showing up for work that day. It’s not the most glamorous job the child star has likely had but a little responsibility never hurt anyone.

We’re expecting that a lot of comedic moments will ensue as we get to watch Gavin navigate his way through janitorial work at his own pace. Based on what we’ve seen, we don’t think he’ll get much done due to some welcome distractions. The most distracting being his own reflection in the mirror (we’ve already seen footage of Gavin in the same bathroom talking to himself).

The Resurrection of Gavin Stone is slated for release in 2016.