Gavin Stone BTS Nov 22

Gavin Stone – Behind the Scenes Photo November 22

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Gavin Stone (Brett Dalton) may have been forced to do community service at a local church in Illinois, but once there he decides to make the most of it. In this new behind the scenes picture from The Resurrection of Gavin Stone it seems like he’s enjoying reliving his glory days as a child star. Cheating his way into playing Jesus in the church’s Passion play seems to have been an easy task, but getting into the good graces of the pastor’s daughter, Kelly (Anjelah Johnson), may be a different story.

It seems like Gavin may have set his sights on Kelly, but she’s initially having none of it. The movie’s director, Dallas Jenkins, points out that Kelly is a grown woman. Now in her thirties, and way past her “bad boy” phase, she’s clearly looking for more than just charm and good looks.

But things might be looking up for Gavin. In the new image, shared by Vertical Church Films, we see Gavin and Kelly clearly enjoying each others company. She’s apparently teasing him whilst they work on preparing the Passion play, and Gavin certainly seems to be entertained. Could it be that Kelly has finally warmed up to Gavin and is now seeing through his bad boy façade? We’ll find out next year.

The Resurrection of Gavin Stone is slated for release in 2016.

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