Gavin pretends to be Christian

Gavin Stone – Behind the Scenes Photo November 4

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What does the faithless do in order to land the lead role in an upcoming Christian-based production? Well, lie of course! At least that’s exactly what Gavin finds himself doing in this newly released still from The Resurrection of Gavin Stone, coming next year from Vertical Church Films. 

Today we caught a glimpse of a new scene between Gavin (Brett Dalton) and the Pastor (D.B Sweeney) of the church at which Gavin is doing community service. The still depicts the moment when Gavin tries to convince Pastor Richardson that he’s a man of faith, in an attempt to get an audition for the starring role in the church’s Easter production. While Gavin appears to be confident that he’s succeeded in selling his story, it seems the Pastor remains skeptical – and rightly so! If the look being sent Gavin’s way is any indication, the scene should have some humorous dialogue (in addition to the charm of a brightly coloured button up) to seal the deal. 

While we know that Gavin ultimately lands the role, it’s no surprise that there will be consequences for his actions. Until that moment, however, it looks like Gavin will be playing two roles: one on the stage and another with those around him. Perhaps the Pastor isn’t the only one who’ll need convincing of Gavin’s true intentions!

The Resurrection of Gavin Stone is set to be released in 2016.

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