Gavin April 12

Gavin Stone: BTS photo April 12

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Now that we’re well into the year, it seems that Vertical Church Films are starting to release more promotional material. Hopefully the frequency will only increase the closer we get to the film’s release date.

This latest production still features our two leads in something of a predicament. It’s no secret that Kelly (Anjelah Johnson) is not very fond of Gavin (Brett Dalton) when she first meets him. In this new photo recently released, however, she’s apparently going so far as to tell him “how annoying he is”.

Poor Gavin!

It’s going to take quite a lot for him to win her favor if these two are truly meant to be together. Let’s just say that we’re definitely rooting for them to overcome their differences and make it work.

There’s no release date as yet, but our sources say that the production company is getting ready to roll out some new material fans will love! We’re hoping that includes the highly anticipated trailer we’ve all been waiting for.

We’ll continue to keep you posted as more promotional footage hits the web. Stay tuned for more!

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