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“What’s a gaffer?”

That’s a question most TV and movie fans probably won’t know the answer to unless they’ve spent some time on a film set. With Vertical Church Films’ series of Vlogs (Video Blogs), hosted by director Dallas Jenkins, fans are being given a behind the scenes look at what it takes to make a movie. This week’s clip was somewhat bittersweet, highlighting the importance of gaffers whilst wrapping on one of the film’s stars as their time on set came to a close.

“Gaffers are in charge of lighting. The DP (Director of Photography) makes the decisions and the gaffer executes them,” Jenkins explains. “They run the whole electrical department.”

Anyone who’s ever watched a film understands the importance of lighting in any given scene. It’s lighting that sets the tone of the story and it also helps us to see the actors on screen. In the scene featured within this clip, we find Gavin arriving at a house where Kelly is standing on the porch. Kelly is seemingly upset with Gavin, so it’s interesting that they chose to have the lighting placed so heavily on Gavin within the scene.

This clip also featured Shawn Michaels’ last day on set. The scene they shot was one where Gavin and Michaels’ character bond in his “man cave”. Jenkins calls Michaels’ last day “sad and bittersweet” but promises that they still have “a great week coming up.”

With fifteen days done and only five days of filming left, it’s down to the wire for the crew of “Gavin Stone”. Fans have been anxiously awaiting the first trailer for this film, but it seems like we probably have five more Vlog entries to enjoy before we’ll be ready for the trailer’s release.

Are you excited for what’s coming next within this series of Vlogs? Are you excited to see more footage of the film? Stay tuned because there is definitely more on the way!

The Resurrection of Gavin Stone will be released in 2016.

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