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Gavin Stone – Production blog day 18

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First dates are usually awkward. Lying about who you are really just further complicates things. Such is the case for Gavin (Brett Dalton) who’s been lying to Kelly (Anjelah Johnson) from the moment they met. In this most recent behind the scenes clip, we get a glimpse of Gavin and Kelly’s first date in the film.

The twinkling lights spread throughout a courtyard make the scene look and feel really romantic. With Gavin’s lies hanging over their heads though, one can’t help but wonder if he’ll need more than just pretty lights to truly win her over.

“He’s still pretending to be a Christian. She’s still the director of the play. She’s starting to warm up to him a little bit, whereas before she’d been kind of cold,” Director Dallas Jenkins says, giving us a vivid description of the scene. “So this is the time when they go on a walk and talk so we literally just went over back and forth, back and forth over and over again just shooting the same scene many, many times but it turned out really beautiful. It looked good and I think it’s going to be a really cool scene in the movie with some humor and some pathos. So I think it paid off.”

Many times we’ve heard the term “walk and talk” when shooting scenes and a lot of actors have said in the past that these are probably the most difficult scene they’ve had to shoot. The reason for that is because of the repetition, with actors having to make sure they are hitting their marks every time. Surprisingly, even a scene that looks so simple on screen, such as walking and talking, has to be choreographed.

Dallas teases that this scene has a hint of sadness to it. From what we are seeing, it looks like things are going well between Gavin and Kelly. That only makes things more heartbreaking because we know he’s actually lying to her. We’ll have to wait and see if Gavin comes clean, before it’s too late. Or will the truth come out against his will?

The Resurrection of Gavin Stone will be released in 2016.

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