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Uh oh! Someone’s been a bad boy. Gavin may not be taking matters very seriously in this latest behind the scenes clip, but his lawyers sure are serious about their client’s criminal mischief. With a Class 4 Felony and legal bankruptcy now on his record, Gavin Stone (Brett Dalton) is about to get hit with a healthy dose of reality. This is what later leads the child star to perform 200 hours of mandatory community service at a local church, where he lies about his faith to get the lead role in the church’s production.

We also get another glimpse of the film in the form of a short clip where Gavin and Kelly (Anjelah Johnson) are giving an interview at a local radio station. Gavin doesn’t seem very amused at the mocking tone from the DJ and Kelly doesn’t seem very sorry about his humiliation. Is there tension brewing underneath the surface between these two future lovebirds?

At the end of the nineteenth day of production, the cast and crew of The Resurrection of Gavin Stone were already coming up on the finish line. With one day of shooting left to go, the crew and its cast said goodbye to Gavin’s leading lady.

“I just loved working with her the whole time. She did a great job,” Director Dallas Jenkins speaks fondly of his female lead on her last day on set.

When asked about how he feels that this journey coming to an end, the Director was a bit bittersweet about the whole experience. “I’m excited to be done and to move on to the next phase, but it’s always sad to say goodbye to people.”

With these behind the scenes video blogs soon coming to an end, are you excited to see what else Vertical Church Productions has in store for fans? Are you looking forward to the first trailer coming out? We definitely are!

The Resurrection of Gavin Stone will be released in 2016.

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