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Lost in Florence – New Trailer

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Synopsis: Eric Lazard is a heartbroken former college star who gets involved in a dangerous Florentine sport and a local woman.

In the summer of 2014, Brett Dalton flew half way around the world to Italy for his first lead role in a feature film. Almost two years later, we finally have a short teaser trailer with the official first look at that independent film.

Written and directed by Evan Oppenheimer, Lost in Florence tells the story of a former college football star who is completely down on his luck. On a trip to visit his American cousin Anna, currently residing in Italy, Eric (Brett Dalton) finds himself drawn to the world of Calcio Storico (Florentine Soccer) and meets a beautiful local woman in the process.

It’s hard to gage whether or not this is a romance or a thriller from the trailer and synopsis alone but our guess is that it might be a little bit of both.

Co-starring Castle’s Stana Katic as Eric’s cousin Anna, and Italian beauty Alessandra Mastronardi as Stefania, this film promises to bring intrigue as well as action, depending on how deeply immersed in this world Eric suddenly finds himself.

We contacted Black Sand Pictures for more information on an upcoming release date, but at the moment there is none set for Lost in Florence. We’ll continue to keep an eye out for any developments and we’ll keep updating as more information becomes available.

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    1. At the moment they’re trying to find someone to buy the movie to distribute it. They’re hoping it’ll be later this year. We’ll keep you updated!

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