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Starring Dalton as Eric Lazard, Lost in Florence is the tale of a former football player who tries to escape his failures at home by visiting his cousin, Anna, in Italy. Anna, played by Stana Katic, gives Eric some sage advice and welcomes him into her life in Florence. Through her, Eric is introduced a tight-knit community, and throws himself into a new challenge – the brutal sport of Calcio Storico.

The movie will be out on limited release in theaters on January 27, with simultaneous release on video on demand platforms. Early release on Jan 26 is available at many theaters. The list below may be subject to change.

Los Angeles – Laemmle Music Hall
San Francisco – The Vogue
Cleveland – Great Lake Cinema
Denver – The Kress
Minneapolis – Gopher Theater
Boston – The Wellfleet
Seattle – The Dragonfly
Chicago – Facets
Detroit – TBC
On Demand:
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