Brett Dalton’s Upcoming TV Projects

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Brett Dalton has some exciting upcoming projects, and will be back on your television screens sooner than you think! Just in time to make you swoon this Valentine’s Day, The Hallmark Channel has confirmed that Cooking with Love will premiere on February 11th at 9:00PM. There will also be repeat showings scheduled throughout the month (check the Hallmark Channel’s website here for listings), and watch the promo by clicking here!

Cooking with Love is a film about finding love in the most unlikely of places. Kelly (Ali Liebert) is a TV producer in the running for a promotion. When the head chef of her children’s cooking show suffers an unexpected injury, Kelly hires controversial celebrity chef Stephen (Brett Dalton) as a replacement. The pair can’t seem to agree on anything, but that doesn’t stop sparks from flying on set. You can also watch a ‘Behind the Scenes’ video here.

It has now been confirmed that Dalton’s next project is a guest appearance on ABC’s new crime drama, Deception. Dalton initially tweeted on his birthday that he was flying to set, but it wasn’t until a fan encountered him in New York that we had more to go on.

We received further confirmation that he might be appearing on the show this season when one of the show’s stars, Ilfenesh Hadera, posted a photo of Brett with her co-star, Jack Cutmore-Scott, from set.

We now know that Dalton will be playing a character named Isaac Walker in the new series. At this time he is confirmed to appear in episode 11, with the series commencing on March 11. We will update you if we obtain any more information surrounding this new role. 

For more Cooking with Love, see the images in our gallery here

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Brett Dalton cast in Hallmark movie ‘Cooking with Love’

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Brett Dalton has been cast in a new Hallmark movie entitled Cooking with Love. Slated to air in February 2018, the film will feature as part of the channel’s Valentine’s Day line up throughout the month. At this time no plot details have been announced, but filming is already underway in Vancouver, and the movie is expected to finish production on December 21st.  The film will also feature Kimberly Sustad (The Romeo SectionWalking the Dog). Wonder’s Ali Liebert is on board to produce.

This will be Dalton’s first role post Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and adds to his growing list as leading man. We will continue to closely follow this upcoming project and update you with new details as they become available.

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Win a trip to meet Brett Dalton

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You may not know that Brett Dalton became an honorary committee member of Face Forward LA in 2016. Brett has teamed up with them to bring you the VIP Con experience of your dreams to celebrate his recent return to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.! Starting with just a $10 donation, you can be automatically entered to win a trip for you and a guest to one of Brett’s upcoming 2017 conventions. Once there, you’ll get the chance to meet and hang out with the actor himself.

Face Forward’s mission is to provide emotional support and reconstructive surgery for women, children and men who have been victims of domestic violence, human trafficking and any cruel acts of crime.

Two grand prize winners will be chosen on or around May 11th before Brett’s next convention in Harrisburg. All the information you need is right here, and best of luck to all the donors!

Brett Dalton returns to Agents of SHIELD

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Warning: major spoilers for Tuesday’s episode of Agents of SHIELD ‘Self-Control’. Although if you made it this far you probably already know…

First he was Agent Grant Ward, the straight-laced Specialist who could shoot the legs off a flea at 500 yards, so long as it wasn’t windy. Then he was Grant Ward, the Hydra sleeper agent who betrayed his team and lost everything he cared about. Next came Grant Ward, leader of a new Hydra revolution, who experienced a somewhat crushing defeat at the hand of is-he-really-a-Director-if-his-agency’s-disbanded Coulson. Somehow, against all odds, he returned as Hive, an alien wearing that familiar Grant Ward face. And now he’s back, back again. This time as Grant Ward: virtual reality boyfriend?

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. concluded the second pod of it’s fourth season, subtitled ‘LMD’, by revealing that virtually the entire team has been trapped in Aida’s VR ‘Framework’ and replaced by LMDs. In a last-gasp attempt to save their friends, Daisy (Chloe Bennet) and Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) decide to enter the Framework, planning to ‘wake’ the team. Of course, nothing ever works out as imagined in this universe. Daisy emerges in the VR realm to the news that she and her boyfriend are getting called in on a mission. Daisy assumes that she’s about to see Lincoln, saying his name before emerging into the bedroom. As she moves through the room we see a photo of Daisy and her beau. Spoiler alert: it’s not Lincoln.

That’s right folks, it’s time for things to get weird. Many long-time watchers of Agents of SHIELD have been calling for Brett Dalton’s return since Hive exploded at the end of last season and, as first reported by EW, their pleas have been heard. Although he has yet to actually reappear on the show, Marvel themselves offered confirmation of Framework Grant Ward, with further assurances from the showrunners.

As revealed in the latest episode, the premise of Aida’s Framework is that a regret will be fixed for each of the agents. Of course, fixing things can have unpredictable results. It seems that Grant Ward looms large in the list of regrets for Daisy, now seemingly immersed in the persona of the character we first met, Skye. At this stage it isn’t clear how hard people in the Framework have to fight to hold on to reality, and ‘real’ Daisy has no reason to love Ward. It’s anyone’s guess how this particular Skyeward reunion will play out. But one thing’s for sure, Brett Dalton is back and, in a moment I never thought would happen, I’ll leave you with some final thoughts from Jed Whedon: “…we wanted to have Brett back. We missed him.”

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returns Tuesday April 4, 10PM on ABC

Lost in Florence – Review

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Lost in Florence is an open love letter to its namesake, the Italian city of Florence, filtered through the lens of a visiting American football player. Written and directed by Evan Oppenheimer, the romantic drama mixes love, sport and Italian culture to the beautiful backdrop of a timeless city.

Eric Lombard (Brett Dalton) is visiting his cousin Anna (Stana Katic) and her Florentine husband, Gianni (Marco Bonini), when he decides to propose to his long-time girlfriend, Colleen (Emily Atack). Unfortunately for him, she rejects his proposal and flees back to the US, but not before telling him that it’s time to give up on his football dreams and face reality. Devastated, Eric decides to stay in Florence a while longer.

After days of watching him sulk, Gianni decides to bring Eric to a game of “calcio storico”, a sport that seems to meld American football, rugby, and soccer all into one brutal match. Despite the dangers of the historic game, Eric proves himself to the captain, Paolo (Alessandro Preziosi), and joins the team. It isn’t long before Eric meets Paolo’s attractive girlfriend, Stefania (Alessandra Mastronardi),  and things start to unravel as the two pursue a secret relationship.

Dalton gives a strong performance as the would-be football star, and expertly plays the indecisive vulnerability of his character. Also memorable is Dalton’s comedic timing, which gets the chance to shine through in one particular scene as Eric pretends to be a local to two inquiring tourists.  Alongside him is co-star Mastronardi, who is engaging in her role as Eric’s Italian love interest. Perhaps the most surprising onscreen relationship, however, is that between the two cousins. Katic brings a genuine charm to her character, and the honest and playful affection between her character and Dalton’s is a pleasure to watch.

Whilst Lost in Florence is somewhat predictable, its moments of humour and doses of Florentine culture makes for an enjoyable film. At every turn, the audience is treated to Florence’s astounding architecture and wealth of art, which is proudly woven into the film’s core themes. One can’t help but envy Eric’s brief interlude with the picturesque countryside amongst the vineyards, moped excursions and gelato. In the end, it would come as no surprise if you end up googling flights to Italy once stepping out of the film.


Lost in Florence is out on VOD platforms now.

Lost in Florence release information

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Starring Dalton as Eric Lazard, Lost in Florence is the tale of a former football player who tries to escape his failures at home by visiting his cousin, Anna, in Italy. Anna, played by Stana Katic, gives Eric some sage advice and welcomes him into her life in Florence. Through her, Eric is introduced a tight-knit community, and throws himself into a new challenge – the brutal sport of Calcio Storico.

The movie will be out on limited release in theaters on January 27, with simultaneous release on video on demand platforms. Early release on Jan 26 is available at many theaters. The list below may be subject to change.

Los Angeles – Laemmle Music Hall
San Francisco – The Vogue
Cleveland – Great Lake Cinema
Denver – The Kress
Minneapolis – Gopher Theater
Boston – The Wellfleet
Seattle – The Dragonfly
Chicago – Facets
Detroit – TBC
On Demand:
iTunes, Amazon Video, Google Play, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Sony PlayStation, and Vimeo.

The Resurrection of Gavin Stone – Review

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Ever since The Resurrection of Gavin Stone was first announced 2 years ago I’ve been eagerly awaiting its release. We’ve been treated to vlogs from the director, Dallas Jenkins, and a wealth of stills and behind the scenes photos, all of which has served to make me even more excited to finally see the film in the theater. Honestly though, it was definitely worth the wait. Before I continue, I should warn you that this review will have some mild spoilers, so if you’d rather not be spoiled at all prior to seeing the movie then don’t go any further. Once you’ve watched, hurry back to this page so you can read all about why I, personally, loved the film so much. Otherwise, read on!

The Resurrection of Gavin Stone has a pretty simple premise. A washed up actor lands himself in some legal trouble and, as a result, he’s sentenced to 200 hours of community service in a local church. The film follows a classic blueprint, familiar from many popular romantic comedies, but without the slapstick humor or unrealistic elements that can make such movies feel rather fantastical. In fact, I would say that the film focuses more on genuine friendships than it does romance, and that’s one of the things that makes it feel like a fresh take on a familiar genre.

As the film’s lead, playing the titular character of Gavin Stone, Brett Dalton proves his leading man status early on. Although we’ve seen him as a lead in an ensemble cast, this is the first time that we, as an audience, get to see him truly front and center. It’s also wonderful to see him playing a role so different in tone than those he’s already known for. Dalton’s comedic timing is sharp and many of the funniest moments in the film feature a light-hearted humor that he embraces as Gavin. It’s in the more dramatic moments, however, that he really shines. Dalton brings a necessary complexity to Gavin’s character, which could otherwise come off as somewhat obnoxious, that really makes the audience root for him. As a result, Gavin’s excitement is infectious, his sadness heartbreaking, and when he starts to make real friendships for the first time in his life, you can’t help but find yourself smiling and cheering for him.

Despite the heavy lifting done by the film’s lead, Dalton’s got a tremendous supporting cast, including a couple of genuine comedians. Anjelah Johnson and Neil Flynn (The Middle) might be two of the funniest actors in this cast, but here they embrace more serious roles with ease. Johnson delivers the most realistic performance of a Pastor’s daughter that I’ve ever seen. Having known people in my own church just like Kelly I know that they can come off as intimidating and unapproachable, and Johnson plays this character to perfection.

Ultimately, its Flynn’s gut wrenching performance as Gavin’s disillusioned father that is probably one of the more heartbreaking character arcs of the movie. One of my favorite moments in the film features an excited Gavin trying to talk about the day’s rehearsal with his dad, who isn’t all that receptive. We discover that they’ve been estranged for years, and the father-son dynamic between Dalton and Flynn is played beautifully realistically. Gavin’s backstory with his dad is presented at the start of the film when they present Gavin’s backstory in an entertaining newsbyte reminiscent of E! True Hollywood Story, but I would have liked to explore their dynamic more. Throughout the film, you get to see the two take steps toward mending their relationship, but the film never truly gives us a resolution to that arc. There’s a short exchange at the end of the film that lets you know they’re “working on it”, but considering the emphasis the plot placed on Gavin making up with his father, I would have liked an extra scene between father and son to give us some closure for their storyline.

I did, however, really appreciate the way that parallels were drawn between Gavin’s estranged relationship with his father versus Kelly’s very loving relationship with hers. Throughout the film, we get to see Kelly’s father, who is the Pastor, acting as a sounding board for his progressively frustrated daughter. He never shies away from giving her brutally honest advice, and she is always receptive to it, speaking to a closeness that doesn’t even need to be explicitly stated. Where Gavin and his father hardly speak more than a few words to each other, Kelly and her father speak often, and it’s a really lovely dynamic to watch.

For me though, Johnson shines the most opposite Dalton. The two bounce off each other beautifully and their flirtatious banter is a delight to watch. This isn’t a conventional romantic comedy with over the top declarations of love, but that didn’t stop me finding myself seriously rooting for Gavin and Kelly. He brings out a playful side to her that no one else can seem to tap into, and she makes him want to be a better version of himself. It’s also hilarious watching Gavin try to impress Kelly early on in the movie. Their first meeting, a classic meet cute involving a mop and lightsaber sound effects, will make you chuckle if not laugh out loud. It’s no wonder he fails at impressing her 9 out of 10 times. He even resorts to Google a couple times for tips on how to woo her, but eventually all it takes is a single moment for Kelly to see him in a different light.

This entire film was wonderfully cast with some really surprising performances, such as former wrestler Shawn Michaels. I didn’t know much about Michaels going into the film, but I definitely came out a new fan. As Doug, Gavin’s mentor in church, Michaels represents the ideal churchgoer, welcoming without judgement, even when the newcomer is hugely overcompensating in an attempt to fit in. Doug represented such a warm and genuine character that I couldn’t help but love him.

Overall, The Resurrection of Gavin Stone is an inspirational family film that appeals to all ages, regardless of religion. It’s a film about a regular guy who’s just trying to fit in somewhere new, and I think that’s something everyone can relate to. I would go as far as to say that this movie is a real gem, enjoyable and fun to watch, and impossible to walk out of without feeling better than you did when you walked in.

The Resurrection of Gavin Stone is now playing in theaters.