Brett Dalton: TVs next Man of Steel?

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The news that Supergirl is officially bringing Superman back to The CW broke less than 48 hours ago, and the internet has been buzzing with dream casting the coveted role ever since. Despite a few obvious veteran choices being thrown in, such as Smallville’s Tom Welling, fans are looking forward to the possibility of a new Man of Steel donning the iconic cape this fall. Out of all the names making the rounds, one name seems to keep popping up: Brett Dalton.

With Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. now in his rearview mirror for good, the actor is currently on the lookout for his next noteworthy role. Since many fans would like to see him make his way from Marvel to DC, we’ve come up with five reasons why this role would be a great fit:


  1. He is already well versed in the comic book genre: Brett has extensive experience working in the comic book genre after being a part of Marvel TV for the last few years, excelling in his parts as both the hero-turned-traitor Grant Ward and the more villainous Hive. Brett’s love for comics has been a lifelong affair, with his love for lesser known characters such as Death’s Head II and Lobo well documented. With Brett’s experience, it seems he is already very aware of the responsibility an actor is given when they’re cast in the role of a beloved and iconic comic book character such as Superman.


  1. He’ll avoid being typecast in a villainous role: After three years of playing a baddie on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Brett’s next role could be the polar opposite of Grant Ward. Clark Kent is the epitome of goodness, with his true nature as Superman bringing an unmatched strength to the character. As the world’s greatest superhero, there is no grey area to Superman, with the character’s complexity coming from other areas in his life. Superman has not been getting a lot of love in the media, but maybe a more lighthearted and relatable version of the character could win back critics and fans alike.


  1. His acting range allows him to play a dual identity flawlessly: We got to watch Brett play three different characters in as many years on one TV show. However, when it comes to dual identities, the story of Superman reigns supreme. Brett has more than proven that he has the physical skill necessary to convey Superman’s brute strength, but this role would also give him the opportunity to exercise his comedic timing as the unassuming Clark Kent. We’ve seen him play multiple shades of the same character back to back, but think of how much fun it would be to watch him play the dual role of Superman and Clark at the same time!


  1. He already has his own legion of loyal fans that will follow him to his next venture: Brett Dalton’s popularity skyrocketed during his tenure on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and yet he’s still considered relatively unknown. We don’t yet know if the Supergirl series is looking to stunt cast the role, or if they want someone unknown, but with Brett they could have a little bit of both.


  1. This could open doors beyond the comic book genre: As of right now, the role of Superman is only scheduled to appear in the first two episodes of Supergirl’s second season. However, there is always the possibility that the character could recur in future episodes, or even appear in other DC shows, since the network is already planning their 4-show crossover in December. Moving Supergirl to The CW also means that he’d be landing a role on a network that likes to reuse their actors for different purposes. Brett is undoubtedly leading-man material, and appearing on this buzz-worthy, critically acclaimed show could even lead to him landing his very own pilot.


What do you think about Brett Dalton potentially taking flight as the Man of Steel? Do you like the idea of him making a move to DC? Regardless of what role he does choose to do next, we are looking forward to seeing what comes next for this incredibly talented actor.

Agents of SHIELD Review

Keyla Alves Teixeira Agents of SHIELD

[ABC media]

The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3 finale was a bit of a mixed bag, but it allows us to acknowledge an actor who’s been with us since the beginning, Brett Dalton. He was introduced as the clean faced, chiseled jaw, bad ass “best since Romanoff” Agent Grant Ward, the very first team member Phil Coulson chose for his new ragtag team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. At the time, we didn’t know much about the mysterious by-the-book agent, but one thing we were told from the start was that Grant Ward didn’t play well with others.

I fell in love with this character immediately, becoming excited about all the potential he possessed. That love quickly transferred to the actor who played him. As the first season progressed and we got to dig into Grant Ward’s past, a fan base of Ward’s Warriors arose to fight for his character’s redemption. I’m still saddened that never came to pass. Throughout the three seasons of this series, we’ve been lucky to witness Brett Dalton’s talent on screen. Sadly, we now have to bid farewell to the unsung hero of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Whether Grant Ward made us laugh as he he jokingly imitated himself during the show’s first season, or broke our hearts after the reveal of his dark past, Brett Dalton always delivered. He conveyed both vulnerablity and strength. His character may have been cloaked in darkness, but Dalton made me believe he never truly lost his humanity, delivering a performance that convinced me that Ward carried both good and evil within him. The character toed the line between hero and villain remarkably well, and that was what struck a chord with audiences.

The impact Dalton made to the show was so important to viewers that many had hopes his character would receive a redemption arc, thus enabling his continued presence on the show. Setting aside the obvious turn of events throughout the seasons, I ended season three still wondering, what if? What if Ward had not been murdered, or if he had somehow been brought back to life after his body was inhabited by an alien parasite? What if Grant Ward had become the hero we thought he was at the start? All these questions were left unanswered, and this somehow makes his story feel incomplete. It’s as if we’ve reached the end of a book, only to find that the last pages have been torn out of it.

Grant Ward not finding redemption on this series is extremely depressing to me as a viewer. It’s a sad realization of the status quo that mental health has in today’s society. After learning what happened to Ward, what lead him to believe in Garrett and what lead him to join Hydra, I found myself feeling sympathy for the character. Who wouldn’t feel for the guy knowing all the abuse he’d been through that started during his childhood and carried well into his adulthood?

I don’t think anyone expected redemption during the first season so soon after the reveal, but many of thought that it might come during the show’s second season. When we first caught up with Ward after the break, we found him in a vault being kept in solitary by Coulson and his team. We learned that he’d attempted suicide three times. And when he finally broke free of his captors, we thought that he was still trying to earn a place on their team by helping them the only way he knew how. This was the turning point some fans were hoping for. Unfortunately, the character was taken down the fork in the road that travelled in the opposite direction than I wanted.

The damage continued as his dark path with Hydra did too. Despite, the fact that Ward taking over Hydra never made much sense (Ward spent all his time since the reveal continuously repeating that he was never loyal to Hydra), Brett Dalton’s talent was a tour de force. No matter what he was given in terms of writing, he was always able to command every scene he was in. It’s no wonder he’s the show’s breakout star (Dalton won an award for this category in 2014). As his character progressed and became a formidable villain, so did his performance.

Dalton was able to successfully convince us that Grant Ward was nothing more than a stern and unemotional agent during the first few episodes of the series. As the show found its footing during the back half of the first season, so did his character, who still held an important role in the team. The greatest twist the show has ever had was when Ward was revealed to be Hydra. Everyone was shocked by this turn of events. Do you know why that was? It was because of Brett Dalton’s undeniable talent. He had the ability to fit multiple hats and to take on multiple changes with his character throughout the seasons. From hero to villain, the road to his death on this series was an emotional one because of the connection he created with the audience. No other plot twist since then has landed quite the same way.

Earlier this season, the audience had to say goodbye to this character who we have watched go through many trials and tribulations. Grant Ward was murdered by Director Phil Coulson. Coulson killing him wasn’t a surprise whatsoever but it was disappointing to watch because of the character’s potential. After Ward perished at the hands of Coulson he became Hive, the inhuman villain that could control his inhuman brethren. This meant that even though Grant Ward was gone, we were still able to keep Brett Dalton for the rest of the season. We were so lucky to be able to watch Brett play two different characters in this series solely because he is so talented. Still, I would have preferred to have had Grant Ward stick around instead.

I think the first time Hive became the formidable villain we expected him to be was after he killed civilians to regain his full strength. Once Hive regained his full strength, that’s when we saw Brett Dalton reach a whole new peak in his acting. The season benefited from Dalton’s performance as Hive, but it was very short lived. The longer Hive stuck around on the show, the less menacing he became. Why can’t this show keep up with itself? Every season we are promised an amazing payoff and every season finale they fail to deliver on that promise.

Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to Brett Dalton for good during the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season three finale. Hive’s plan to infect the world with the terrigenesis mist was a failure as he ended up getting trapped with Lincoln in the quinjet that carried the nuclear weapon. Despite being the season’s “big bad”, Hive’s death didn’t have as much of an impact as Grant Ward’s death on this show. However, that doesn’t mean that Brett and Luke (Mitchell) didn’t give the best performance of the episode in those final moments where their characters perished together.

Fortunately, fans don’t need to go far for a more satisfying storyline for the turncoat agent they’ve spent the last three years loving. The current Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. comic run in Marvel’s All-New All-Different lineup is fantastic. Grant Ward recently made his debut in the Marvel Comics Universe and like his TV counterpart; he is already stealing the show. It’s definitely a must read!

This is our final review of the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series now that Brett Dalton is no longer a regular on the show. But if you’d like to see Grant Ward to continue to have a place in the world of S.H.I.E.L.D. pick up Marvel’s monthly comic book subscription written by Arrow’s Marc Guggenheim. Please share your thoughts about the season 3 finale below and let us know how you feel about Brett Dalton being officially off Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. for good.


Agents of SHIELD 3×21-22 “Absolution/Ascension” Promo Material

Cat MacRae Agents of SHIELD

Official synopsis for the 2 hour Season Finale. The first hour entitled Absolution and the second Ascension:

It’s a showdown a season in the making as S.H.I.E.L.D. takes on Hive. With Hive’s master plan finally revealed, the team must spring into action. Who will live and who will die?”

Update 5/13/16 sneak peek

Update 5/16/16 sneak peek

The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 3 finale airs 9PM,  Tuesday May 17 on ABC


Agents of SHIELD 3×20 ‘Emancipation’ Review

Keyla Alves Teixeira Agents of SHIELD

[ABC media]

Official synopsis for Emancipation

“With only two episodes left before S.H.I.E.L.D. loses one of their own, Daisy’s prophecy ticks closer towards a major loss, as the aftermath of the events of “Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War” force S.H.I.E.L.D. to register the Inhumans.”

This week’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. didn’t take the anticipated hit from its Civil War tie-in, instead benefitting from simply keeping up with the current season’s storyline. Previously, these tie-ins to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe have thrown the season off course, and whilst this season hasn’t been cruising on a high all the way through, it has been trying to keep the excitement alive. Hive’s plan to make everyone an Inhuman wasn’t interrupted by the events of Civil War, with this episode handling the tie in well enough to make an impact before next week’s finale without completely losing sight of what I hope is their endgame.

The intention of the Sokovia Accords in the film was translated differently on the show, with some tweaking to make it fit with their current storyline. For example, if General Ross had shown up instead of Talbot, it would have been a fun Easter Egg for fans, but not necessarily right for the series. By consistently bringing back General Talbot, now in order to enforce the Sokovia Accords, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. benefits from developing his character within the show’s universe. As much as they like to remind us that “it’s all connected”, it’s been proven that the show can’t be a major influence in the films and vice versa – the two have to co-exist while balancing each other out. I might be in the minority, but I actually like that the films are mostly a point of reference for the show. It wouldn’t be any good if any time a Marvel film is released the show gets thrown around in multiple directions.

Admittedly it has been a hard season to keep track of certain plot lines, but this week they became clearer as the show couldn’t really stretch out the mystery surrounding Hive’s plan any longer. This week we needed some instant gratification if we were to stay interested going into next week’s finale. Dr. Radcliffe was somewhat successful in developing his Inhuman serum. I use the term “successful” loosely because, whilst he was able to turn the Watchdogs into new Hive-worshipping Inhumans, they didn’t come out looking particularly pretty. There were jokes online saying that they looked like Deadpool from Wolverine: Origins (not to be confused with the most recent Deadpool film starring Ryan Reynolds). This probably wasn’t intended as a compliment, but I have a feeling that “creepy” is exactly what the show was going for when they worked on creating Hive’s monster “children”. Whilst Dr. Radcliffe has technically been held captive during his time with Hive, the mad scientist seems to love being able to do his experiments. Meanwhile, Daisy looked god awful because they’ve been draining her blood to make those creepy looking Inhumans. I have to say, kudos to the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. makeup team because they always do a brilliant job with what they’re given.

Back at S.H.I.E.L.D., Talbot tried to put his foot down and force Coulson into registering all his current Inhuman allies in order to comply with the show’s interpretation of the Sokovia Accords. This prompted one of my new favorite characters on the show, Elena, to return. I was so happy to see her back in action and I hope that she sticks around permanently. Her personality makes her a spitfire and her character development is one of the things the series has actually done right this season. I’m just happy that her character development is making a lot of sense, unlike other characters on this show. Elena had plenty to say about the Sokovia Accords when she showed up at the base, which wasn’t surprising. What’s been interesting to see is how comfortable she’s been getting with the rest of the team.

During this episode, Elena gave Mack her crucifix necklace. The series has been teasing a major character death and whoever is carrying this necklace in the finale seems destined to die on the show. Presumably, the “fallen agent” will be one of the team members, but their identity is still a big secret. I was waiting for the show to do something with that significant clue since the ominous flash forward was first revealed, but even though Mack is currently carrying the necklace he’s not necessarily this season’s “Fallen Agent”.

Coulson and Talbot continued to push back and forth at each other. Talbot showing up to enforce new rules didn’t stop Coulson from trying to find a loophole and/or ignoring this new “inconvenience” completely. This seems like classic Coulson though so it’s not entirely out of character for him. I do wonder though how long they can keep the Avengers in the dark about Coulson. If Hive is such a threat to the world, shouldn’t they at least be notified? Would Coulson even ask them for help if they knew he was alive? I only speculate because I don’t doubt that he may be too stubborn to ask for help so he’d just do what he wants anyway.

What was bizarre to me this week was when Coulson and Talbot went to go to visit Lash. I thought FitzSimmons were going to do everything they could to fix Andrew, so why in the world was Lash still trapped in the last place we saw him? I understand that FitzSimmons has been sidetracked this season with their romantic subplot, but are there no other S.H.I.E.L.D. scientists around that could maybe pick up the slack? I guess it never really mattered since Lash was destined to die anyway.

The biggest shock for me this episode, and a surprising highlight, was Lincoln. As a character, Lincoln continues to be the most unlikable on the show for me. Every week, the show tries to make him more relevant, annoying me to no end, which is probably why I was very surprised to find him tolerable during this episode.

A very sickly Daisy seemingly convinced Lincoln (and the audience) to escape from S.H.I.E.L.D. and go to her. I definitely thought this was Lincoln going into the lion’s den to try and convince Daisy to come back, which would have been really stupid, but that wasn’t the case at all. If anybody is going to just talk her into coming back, it wouldn’t be him. Instead, it was all a ploy and part of Coulson’s plan. The show might be able to save the writing for Lincoln if they keep writing him like this, instead of as the lovesick fool who thinks he’s the most important person in Daisy’s life because he’s been dating her for about three months. Something needed to happen before the end of the end of the season that made audiences start to believe Lincoln was actually relevant.

As it turns out Coulson wasn’t taking Talbot too seriously because of his secret plan either. He’s had one single motivation the last few episodes above anything else: Drop Everything, Save Daisy. I guess, in retrospect, the fact that he was plotting to get Daisy back from Hive shouldn’t really be that surprising.

So while Hive was expecting to get Lincoln on his team, he was definitely shocked (and mildly annoyed) to find that Lash showed up instead! The fight between Hive and Lash was something to get excited about though. They’ve been teasing that Lash was the only inhuman powerful enough to take down Hive so when Coulson’s true plan came to light, I couldn’t believe it was actually happening.

There are a few plot holes regarding Lash though. First of all, why was he killing all those innocent inhumans if his sole purpose was to kill Hive and save Daisy? The parasite wasn’t even on earth at the time that Lash was going on his murder spree, killing all of Daisy’s friends. It’s almost as if Lash was supposed to be their villain for the season but halfway through they changed their minds and decided to introduce Hive instead. That’s a shame because Lash is a fantastic villain from the comics, but like Mr. Hyde last season, he now joins the ranks of wasted villains that either get redeemed and immediately written out or killed off (i.e. Daniel Whitehall).

I didn’t like that Lash was brought back only to save Daisy from Hive’s control right before he was killed. Still, it is great to see her back with the team. At least they didn’t drag out this subplot going into the finale where the team was spending all their time trying to save her.

Now that she’s back, I have a little bit more excitement for next week’s finale, because I have a feeling she’s going to be needed to try and stop Hive. I only hope she’ll be strong enough to fight him after everything she’s been through. What would be interesting though is if they revealed that some of what she was doing while under Hive’s control wasn’t all Hive’s “control”. It would be twisted if we find out that she did actually have some free will after all. Hopefully, now that Hive has lost his favorite follower it will give him the motivation he needs to carry out his evil plan.

Overall, this episode was a bit of an improvement from last week’s outing. This season has just felt really dragged out and I still wish it had been better. However, I am a bit more hopeful that the finale can live up to the hype after this episode. Do you have any theories about who the “fallen agent” is? Send over your comments by submitting them below or find us on Twitter!

Failed Experiments

Agents of SHIELD 3×19 ‘Failed Experiments’ Review

Keyla Alves Teixeira Agents of SHIELD

[ABC media]

Official synopsis for Failed Experiments:

“Coulson and his team race to combat Hive’s control over the Inhumans, as their enemy’s deadly plan for the human race is revealed.”


During the last few weeks Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has been working hard to tie all their storylines together. They’re leading us toward the season finale’s big character death, but I’m left wondering if all this build up will be worth the hype when we reach the end.

In this episode we caught up with our favorite science duo after “doing the deed” and learned that they were still working towards that cure they’d hoped would take down Hive. Elsewhere, we found May and Mack teaming up for the first time as the pair embarked on a mission to try to take down the villainous parasite with brute force. Meanwhile, Hive’s team was working towards recreating the experiments that the Kree did on him centuries ago. You’d think that, after being stranded for so long on a desolate planet, Hive would have a much more concrete plan. However, since Hydra has been out of the picture, this season’s “endgame” is starting to feel less exciting the closer we get to the finale.

Usually the show focuses on their main cast with a few random SHIELD agents as window dressing in the background, but this episode was handled rather differently. Mack and May went to take down Hive with a team of agents we’ve never even met. This was actually exciting to watch because it suggested that the show was finally building their own universe within the MCU, with new characters that we could eventually grow to love. I’d like it if they did this more often and not wait this long to introduce agents that Coulson could trust on such an important mission.

In the midst of Dr. Radcliffe trying to recreate the Inhuman experiments that made Hive, the Kree came gracefully crashing down to Earth. I only say “gracefully” because they got up really fast and unharmed after what appeared to be a messy crash. To be fair, they didn’t look too formidable at first glance although, somewhat surprisingly, we found that they were able to hold their own in a fight when Hive went up against one of them (How many jokes have there been about Hive meeting his Kree-ator after this episode? Tell the truth now!). Anyway, a lot of Hive’s plan was riding on getting Kree blood for the experiment so luring them to his location was the point after all. Hilariously, Mack and May somehow got caught up in the middle of this unexpected fight.

May and the other SHIELD agents obviously failed at stopping Hive, and Mack failed at stopping Daisy, while also failing to convince her to come back to the team. Fitzsimmons found themselves failing at finding a cure to stop the evil Inhuman, while Hive’s experiments failed at recreating his experiment and I’m just failing at keeping up with everything that is currently going on at this point. I frequently find myself not understanding their character progression on this show, and questioning the choices made by the people currently in charge of it. Why they think that all of this is a good idea for their story is beyond me.

What I don’t understand is Hive’s character progression on the show as a whole. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. successfully set up Hive as a villain during the first half of this arc, when he was still a mystery, but the longer he’s been around, the less I can take him seriously.

I had imagined that Hive would have a rock solid plan to take over the world once he came back to Earth. At first, that seemed to be his goal. After Hydra was eliminated, Hive and his team of Inhumans have gone on a rogue mission to recreate an experiment that would make those who survived Inhuman too. But what happens after that? Is Hive trying to create a utopian society on earth? Does he want to control every Inhuman he creates? And if so, for what purpose? The character has already said he doesn’t have a thirst for war, he seemingly believes in “free will” and he doesn’t actually want to “take over the world” either. At this point, Hive sounds like a better presidential candidate than the ones we currently have out here in the real world. If I’m supposed to be in waiting in anticipation for a payoff, I’m sad to say that I feel I’m going to be left disappointed when the final two hours of the season wrap up in a couple weeks.

Another character whose purpose I don’t understand on this show is Lincoln. This is a character that has been trying to find his place on the team, but no one on the team even seems to like him. What purpose does he have amongst them, or on the show itself? While he was at Afterlife, Lincoln had a few mysterious qualities that made him sort of intriguing, or he at least had the potential to be interesting. He was at Jiaying’s right hand with Gordon, giving the impression that he was extremely powerful. However, this season he’s stated that he has no control over his own powers, saying that Daisy has more control despite having had her powers for a substantially less amount of time. Wasn’t he supposed to be the one helping her transition? What happened to all that experience with controlling his power between last season and this current season that we are watching?  I guess it’s true when they say that girls develop faster than boys after all.

This week, Lincoln wanted to be a lab rat for Fitzsimmons, hoping they could use him to create an anti-toxin for the Hive-controlling-parasite problem that has been plaguing them the last couple episodes. What he did to himself, without permission from Fitzsimmons, proved to be ineffective and pointless, kind of like his character’s entire arc. Unfortunately, nearly killing himself has caused his body to now have a faulty immune system. Way to go, Lincoln! Your stupidity has now made you terminal.

Hellfire and Daisy had a very normal human moment playing pinball together in this episode and you can sense a small amount of chemistry between them, even if it didn’t feel romantic at all. Still, I’m left asking myself why the show would introduce yet another possible love interest for Daisy. Lincoln is her current boyfriend unless the show plans to kill him off at the end of the season. If that’s the case, then that would mean that he was just a colossal waste of time on this show. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. just loves to intertwine so many storylines that somehow always involve Daisy. You’d think she was more the lead of the series than even Coulson is. It also hasn’t gone unnoticed that since she’s been with Hive, Daisy has talked more about Grant Ward in these last two episodes than she has in the last two seasons. And now she’s offered herself up to be Hive’s meat bag so that he can use her blood for the experiments, since the show recently remembered that Kree blood once saved her life.

I can’t say that I am still anticipating the finale with the same amount of fervor as before because of multiple factors, and that’s a problem. We’ve been getting teased so much with the death at the end of the season that I feel I’ve become desensitized to it. They hyped up the Secret Warriors in a similar fashion and look how quickly that whole storyline was dissolved. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has done an okay job at keeping fans engaged from episode to episode but the ultimate payoff is looking to be far from exciting. Let’s hope that Hive’s mission to recreate the inhuman experiments leads to an awesome season finale even if this latest episode that was supposed to hype us up for it, didn’t do so.

The biggest highlight of this episode was by far Brett Dalton’s performance as Hive. Each episode, his creepy yet terrifying demeanor reaches new heights. I hold onto hope that the show will give his character a stronger footing before the season’s end because I do want to keep watching Dalton’s amazing performance.

Mack and Daisy’s fight was also a great moment. Daisy’s skill set has gotten a lot better under Hive’s control and during most of the fight she seemed to be holding back. Daisy could easily have ended Mack’s life before the fight even began but the beating she gave him just dragged on. If May hadn’t swooped in to save him, then Mack would most certainly be dead. All things considered, Hive is doing a phenomenal job at making Daisy the most powerful that she’s ever been and I’m guessing that Grant Ward’s memories of his training sessions with her from the start of the series might have something to do with that.

Failed Experiments had its notable moments and you can see that the show is trying to win us back. They’re trying to keep us engaged each episode but the overall storyline for the season might end up falling short of greatness. Hopefully, these last few episodes tie up all the loose ends resulting in an exciting season finale that is worth the hype. What did you think of this latest episode? Are you still excited for the season finale? Let us know what you think by commenting below or find us on Twitter.


Agents of SHIELD 3×20 “Emancipation” Promo Material

Cat MacRae Agents of SHIELD

Official synopsis for Emancipation

“In the aftermath of the events of Captain America: Civil War, S.H.I.E.L.D. feels pressure to reveal their involvement with Inhumans. But with the stakes higher than ever and Hive growing stronger, the team is tested in ways they could never anticipate.”

Update 4/25/16:

“With only two episodes left before S.H.I.E.L.D. loses one of their own, Daisy’s prophecy ticks closer towards a major loss, as the aftermath of the events of “Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War” force S.H.I.E.L.D. to register the Inhumans.”

Update 5/6/16 Sneak Peeks

Emancipation airs 9PM Tuesday, May 10 on ABC

The Singularity

Agents of SHIELD 3×18 “The Singularity” Review

Keyla Alves Teixeira Agents of SHIELD

[ABC media]

Official synopsis for The Singularity:

“The S.H.I.E.L.D. team is left reeling and decimated as Hive continues to sway Inhumans to his side. But there is a sliver of hope as Agents Fitz and Simmons follow a lead that may be able to stop the maniacal Inhuman once and for all.”

Hive continues his uninterrupted rise to power on this week’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. The show recently revealed that his control causes his victims to become addicted to the Inhuman parasite while being blindly loyal to him. It is still a weird concept to wrap my head around, and Daisy was the perfect example of how powerful the addiction can be. After the events of last week, there was anticipation to see how far she would go during this arc, prompting us to ask ourselves – will she be the “Fallen Agent” or will her actions be a direct cause of a fellow agent dying?

What was not so surprising, since I did mention it last week, was that the Kree artifact Daisy took with her is the only thing that can stop Hive. My current theory is that the artifact acts as a prison for Hive, since he was successfully banished from earth once already.

Unfortunately, Coulson and his team got a chance to witness how powerful a group of Inhumans could be if they worked together. S.H.I.E.L.D. was on the mission to figure out how to save Daisy from Hive’s control, but when they tried taking down Alicia (a former inhuman ally), Hive made her shoot one of her “twins”. Remember that Alicia’s inhuman power was revealed last season, and it was the ability to duplicate herself. Now that all her “duplicates” are seemingly dead, where does that leave her though?

This episode had plenty of strong performances to go around but the most noteworthy of the hour came from Iain De Caestecker and Chloe Bennet.

When Daisy first came face to face with Fitz in this episode, she nearly killed him. Of course, she did not cross that line but she did say a few things to him that made me believe there was some “good” left in her. It was still a very dramatic scene because I believed Daisy when she told Fitz that she would kill him next time if he continued getting in her way.

We already knew that Hive could retain the memories of those he has inhabited. What we did not know was if he could tap into his host’s feelings. This question undoubtedly came up when we watched Hive allow Simmons to escape after she shot him. Why did he spare her life? He was strong enough to kill her in that moment but he chose not to. That is something that should be explored in later episodes, especially since he is currently inhabiting Grant Ward’s body and spending so much time around a woman Ward once loved: Daisy.

Shedding light on whether or not Hive can keep the feelings of those he has inhabited could even become a weakness that Coulson and his team can exploit later. This show has certainly continued to push on us that caring about someone and loving them are weaknesses that your enemy can and will use against you.

As we probably expected, Coulson’s attitude of “drop everything because we have to find Daisy” mentality came back full force. He crossed a few lines as Director in this episode. The fact that he made Lincoln wear a “murder” vest led to May having a long overdue serious talk with Coulson, where he finally admitted that Daisy was like a daughter to him. As if we did not already know that, given their father-daughter dynamic from the start.

This episode finally saw the “downfall” of Hydra too. Not surprising, since the Avengers actually took down Hydra in Age of Ultron last summer. This just felt like a convenient plot device the show used to clean up a mess they made by trying to revive Hydra at the start of this season. It is a shame that they could not show us how “their” Hydra was defeated though. Considering the fact that Hydra was “their big bad” for the entire run of the show, their demise was almost blasé. Out of nowhere, Coulson received a phone call from Talbot saying that his forces were successful and Hydra was over. Hydra was “taken down” and we did not even get to see it happen. We should have definitely gotten more about this than the afterthought they seemed to give it.

I was very upset to find that there was no Joey or Elena this week either. Considering their team leader disappeared while being under the control of an evil inhuman parasite, you would think they would be in on the mission of trying to save Daisy. Sadly, because Secret Warriors has been too literal with the term “secret” the fan favorite team members were kept completely out of the loop. I really hope that they return soon.

Fans did get to rejoice at the end of the episode though! The science duo that many of us have been rooting for since the start of the series finally crossed the good ol’ event horizon…. That is code for they had sex. They actually made their sexual encounter sound very scientific comparing it to a “singularity” (the name of the episode by the way). Whether you love this moment or really hate it all depends on how you feel about this pairing. I personally have rooted for them so long that I was happy to see them finally go there.

Another highlight for me this week was finally seeing Hellfire appear on the show, even if his character development was very rushed. He also does not seem to have his comic book counterpart’s fire powers because it looks like Hellfire can only make things go “boom”. His connection to Daisy also seems to be missing but that could change, depending on how things develop with Daisy and Lincoln. Still, he was funny, snarky, and the abilities he does have looked great on screen. My only pet peeve about him was how they decided that he would just be Inhuman to fit into the show. Back in season one they encountered powered people that were not Inhuman, so clearly not every powered person on the show should be Inhuman. This is just another plot device shoehorned into the show because clearly Hive needed more badass Inhumans for his new team. The show is definitely heading toward a huge finale fight where it’s S.H.I.E.L.D. vs. Hive. We will have to wait and see who survives the encounter though.

Now that Hydra is gone “for good”, what is next for Hive? Was this all part of his greater plan? How can Coulson and his team stop him and save Daisy? Let us know what you all thought about this episode in the comments below or hit us up on Twitter!

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The Team

Agents of SHIELD 3×17 ‘The Team’ Review

Keyla Alves Teixeira Agents of SHIELD

Official synopsis for The Team:

“Agent Daisy Johnson brings the Secret Warriors together for an inaugural mission that will leave no member unscathed, and S.H.I.E.L.D. learns more about Hive’s powers, forcing them to question everyone they trust.”

The Secret Warriors finally teamed up in this week’s episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. It seems like the Secret Warriors have been teased for weeks, but when they finally appeared on the show, it was remarkably short lived. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. did a great job convincing me that each Inhuman could have been the traitor, and I thought the final reveal was done very well. After the events of last week, Hive keeps proving he’s always one step ahead of the team.

Daisy calls in the Secret Warriors to save the agents from Hydra. The obvious choices for the team, Yo-Yo, Joey, and of course Lincoln. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. visual effects team did a fantastic job. Each time the Secret Warriors took down a Hydra agent and teaming up to do so was great to watch. I wasn’t expecting Malick to get captured during their rescue but after leaving Hive dropped the bomb on us that he had “one on the inside”.

Everyone watching immediately started to guess who might the traitor be. I did and I was questioning each of the Inhumans. After Coulson interrogates Malick, he starts to let the paranoia sink in and shares his concerns with the rest of the team. None of us wanted it to be Yo-Yo because she was finally reunited with Mack. Joey had to be the other obvious choice unfortunately that was sort lived, next to blame was Lincoln.

I don’t think Coulson was out of line at all. He is the Director and needs to take precautions especially if a traitor is in their midst. Gideon Malick wasn’t lying though, after losing his daughter to Hive past week then why would he exaggerate? The threat is very real and Daisy’s actions proved just that. The Team was a pretty dark episode. Seeing how Malick died and Daisy’s complete carelessness causing an earthquake in the base was unexpected. Overall the Daisy reveal was intense and she didn’t hold back with her powers under Hive’s control.

A definite highlight was Powers Booth’s performance and did a fantastic job telling Coulson what happened to his daughter.  The big bad nearly cried and let a bit of his vulnerability show. The Secret Warriors team up was short lived and I wished it could of lasted a tad bit longer. Hopefully we’ll get a second round on Secret Warriors again.

Simmons and Fitz had a moment after the team captured Lincoln. The chemistry has always been very apparent but it’s nice to finally see the two taking action on those feelings.

Who will die during the season finale of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? Let us know your theories and let’s chat about to episode, comment below or find us on Twitter.

Agents of SHIELD 3×16 ‘Paradise Lost’ Review

Keyla Alves Teixeira Agents of SHIELD

Official synopsis for Paradise Lost:

“S.H.I.E.L.D. hunts for information on their dangerous new enemy, and a shameful secret from Malick’s past is exposed, threatening to destroy his Hydra legacy.”

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. set up a somewhat surprising turn of events the week, as the team set their sights on finding Gideon Malick (Powers Booth). During Paradise Lost we finally discovered more about Malick’s past, and his connection to Hydra. In a direct conclusion to last week’s conclusion, we find out what Malick was so afraid of in the vision he saw courtesy of Charles. After weeks of hints, Hive (Brett Dalton) is finally starting to take the reigns of Hydra away from Malick.

I’d been looking forward to learning more about Malick, his ties to Hydra and what role his daughter, Stephanie (Bethany Joy Lenz), had to play in all of this. The show upped the creepy factor by insinuating that she kind of had the hots for Hive, a risky choice since we know what Hive actually is. I am looking forward to seeing what Hive really looks like, as we only got a small glimpse when he revealed himself to the board of Hydra.

The Malick saga boils down to this: the Malick family has taken part in the sacrificial cult-like ceremony held by Hydra for generations. As a teenager, Gideon and his brother Nathaniel learned their father had found a way to cheat the system, ensuring that he would never be a blood sacrifice. A white stone hidden in the book, Paradise Lost, had a small dent on it, allowing Malick Senior to feel which stone not to pick. Whitehall (Reed Diamond) made a return appearance this week, telling the boys of their father’s treachery after his death. The final reveal was that Gideon tricked his brother to think he had thrown the rock away, actually keeping it and using it to send his brother to an untimely death. Malick then revealed to Stephanie that he’d had a vision that Hive would kill him. This pushed Malick to question Hive, asking if he retains memories from each host.

The flashbacks throughout Paradise Lost managed not to be distracting, and didn’t pull me away from what was going on with the team. Coulson (Clark Gregg) had tracked down Giyera (Mark Dacascos), thinking that he’d be able to use him to get to Hydra. Coulson clearly has ongoing issues of his own, one of which is dealing (or not) with killing Ward. The return of Ward’s body as a host hasn’t been easy on the Director. Could he have been regretting what he’d done? It seemed that way. In an unexpected move, Fitz (Iain de Caestecker) tells Coulson not to feel bad about what happened, but it’s nice to actually see some accountability on the show.

Coulson also sent Lincoln (Luke Mitchell) and Daisy (Chloe Bennet) to track down a lead, thinking they might shed some light on Hive. Lincoln’s character has been in serious need of a little something to flesh out his character, so the show sets him up to be an ex-alcoholic. It remains to be seen if they actually do justice to this story. This half of the Secret Warrior team manage to get their hands on an old cylinder relic, which could supposedly help the team figure out more about Hive. I wonder if this relic is a way to stop Hive, or perhaps imprison him. After all, Hive was just a small parasite before entering Grant Ward.

Gideon finally learns that the hard way that what comes around goes around, with the shocking twist of the episode coming when Hive killed Stephanie instead of Malick himself. I couldn’t bring myself to feel bad for the guy though, because he’s evil and borderline crazy. Given the premise of the last episode, that the future cannot be changed, you have to wonder what Malick actually saw to have him so convinced of his own death. And so another female character died, no doubt causing Malick considerable pain, even as Hive reveals him to be a cheat and liar.

The team does end up capturing Giyera, but it’s a sort lived triumph as he escapes and takes control of the SHIELD plane. It turns out though that Daisy and Lincoln have a plan: the Secret Warriors Initiative. Let’s see if the show can deliver on that set-up next week with the return of Joey and Yo-Yo.

My definite highlight from Paradise Lost was the Giyera and May (Ming-Na Wen) fight. The two went toe-to-toe in a great scene with awesome fight choreography, cashing in on what the show does best. What did you think of this weeks Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Twitter!

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Gavin April 12

Gavin Stone: BTS photo April 12

Lily Miranda Uncategorized

Now that we’re well into the year, it seems that Vertical Church Films are starting to release more promotional material. Hopefully the frequency will only increase the closer we get to the film’s release date.

This latest production still features our two leads in something of a predicament. It’s no secret that Kelly (Anjelah Johnson) is not very fond of Gavin (Brett Dalton) when she first meets him. In this new photo recently released, however, she’s apparently going so far as to tell him “how annoying he is”.

Poor Gavin!

It’s going to take quite a lot for him to win her favor if these two are truly meant to be together. Let’s just say that we’re definitely rooting for them to overcome their differences and make it work.

There’s no release date as yet, but our sources say that the production company is getting ready to roll out some new material fans will love! We’re hoping that includes the highly anticipated trailer we’ve all been waiting for.

We’ll continue to keep you posted as more promotional footage hits the web. Stay tuned for more!