Style Countdown: Brett Dalton's Top 10 Event Looks

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As an actor, attending red carpet events is part of the job description. Many household names are known for a major hit or miss in their careers when it comes to choices made in terms of style or fashion. Luckily, for Brett Dalton, that hasn’t been the case. We ranked our top ten favorite styles the actor has worn since his career really took off with Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Take a trip down memory lane to celebrate Brett’s birthday, and check out the greatest hits his wardrobe’s had since he first appeared on the scene!


10. Captain America: The Winter Soldier Premiere (2014)

At first glance, and probably compared to the rest of his style, Brett’s maroon (or was it burgundy) suit from this red carpet event might not be on many minds as a “best look”. However, the reason this bold style kicks off our list is because of how daring it actually was. First of all, it’s a hard color to pull off. It’s even harder to pull off an entire suit of this color. But Brett does so confidently and without a problem. It even got the attention of his co-star Chloe Bennet’s father back home, who sent a quick message to his daughter asking her to tell Brett he looked really handsome that night (Chloe joked about this during a joint interview with the pair). We couldn’t agree more!


9. GBK & Pilot Pen Pre-Golden Globe Party (2014)

Brett clearly kicked off the year in style with this dressed down look. The actor wore his signature denim early on and everyone loved it. Fans have taken a liking to the hashtag #DenimForDalton to celebrate his love for all things denim. Whether he’s dressing up or dressing down, he’s made it known that he has his own sense of style, and it may not fit into any stereotypical leading man box. We love how bold this message looks!


8. LA PaleyFest (2014)

Back before Hydra ripped the rug out from under us, Brett showed up at PaleyFest already looking as dangerous as his character would soon become. With a leather jacket and dark denim, the actor was already starting to dress more like his on screen counterpart and fans loved it. Looking back on it now, this event took place right before the biggest episode of the series “Turn, Turn, Turn” and we’d like to think that Brett was already subconsciously sending a message to the audience with his new “bad boy” style. Of course, the actor later changed his social media accounts to reflect the iconic Hydra reveal, so maybe the leather jacket wasn’t so subconscious after all…


7. Sunset Overdrive Launch (2014)

One of our favorite styles Brett has is when he’s dressed down. This was the most dressed down he’d ever been at an event so far and we loved every bit of it. Wearing a customized Iron Man t-shirt designed by the actor’s personal friend, comic book artist Jeffrey Veregge, the actor really looks like he’s having fun. Everyone knows he’s a big fan of Iron Man and he’s not afraid to show his love for pop culture (the actor likes to talk about his favorite comics growing up). This style showed everyone that Brett Dalton is a fan just like the rest of us. Who knew that a single shirt could make someone so relatable? 


6. TCA Summer Press Tour (2013)

Before the premiere of the TV show that would launch his career, Brett was just a young up and coming actor that had been recently cast in a Joss Whedon Pilot. No one knew anything about him, and that just served to make him more intriguing. With cheekbones that could cut glass and a genuine smile that made people swoon, you already knew that Joss had found his next leading man in Brett Dalton. The actor played it safe with this classic look at one of his earliest events, and it really worked for him. Brett has proven time and again that he knows when to be bold and when to be sophisticated.


5. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3 Premiere (2015)

Although this was a relatively conservative outfit, Brett completed his ensemble with one of our favorite accessories that he’s ever worn: his glasses. The natural look was a breath of fresh air at the press junket with fans. Coming straight from set, the actor probably didn’t have a lot of time to dress up for the event but that didn’t matter. The “Clark Kent” glasses were enough to make him stand out on stage when sitting with the rest of his cast mates. To make things better, the actor proudly wore a Hydra pin on his lapel. Once again, Brett showed us that he was having fun when he picked out his outfit. This is something that fans simply adore about the actor.


4. San Diego Comic Con Press Tour (2015)

The brown leather jacket that Brett paired with jeans and a plain white t-shirt at his third SDCC appearance quickly became a fan favorite. The jacket first appeared on screen as part of Grant Ward’s signature style throughout the second and third season of the series. However, when the actor started wearing it off screen at conventions and press events, the jacket quickly became one of the most celebrated articles of clothing to come out of the show. Fans did not hesitate to ask the show’s costume designer, Ann Foley, where they could purchase the jacket and joked about how many replicas of the jacket the character probably owned. Some fans even wondered if Brett took the jacket directly from set. We’re willing to bet that Ann never expected this to become one of her most famous designs from the TV series. But it is!


3. Florida Supercon (2015)

Before arriving in sunny South Florida, the actor made it known that he was packing a few surprises for fans. It was a hot summer day when Brett appeared at Supercon wearing an aquamarine shirt with pink sharks. The loud shirt was a hit with the many fans the actor met that weekend. He didn’t leave it there though. The actor kept things going with a traditional Cuban Guayabera before closing out his weekend on the beach with a shirt that featured palm trees. This weekend showed us all that dressed up or dressed down, Brett enjoys having fun. And that he can make anything look good, even the kinds of shirts that might make you cringe on anyone else.


2. Cinderella Premiere (2015)

Once again going with something classic, Brett looked like a literal Disney prince when he arrived on the red carpet. Since first appearing on the Hollywood beat, the actor’s sense of style has matured drastically, with this being one of his most classic looks. The dark blue hues brought out his best features flawlessly. This was exactly what you would expect to see on a leading man like Brett. The serious style paired with his infectious laughter and smile showed us how much he was enjoying himself. We love how easily he could fluctuate between being a leading man that commands your attention and just one of the guys who wants to kick back and hang.


1. Ant-Man Premiere (2015)

Choosing a number one for this list was difficult, with a few things that needing to be checked off before any look could be crowned as best style. The reason this premiere stood out most was due to Brett’s signature look on the red carpet. None of his other regular cast mates could attend this Marvel premiere and the actor, along with guest star J August Richards, represented his show beautifully. This premiere took place in the middle of summer and Brett captured the Californian laid back summer look without a problem. He wore a grey suit, so he was still dressed up, but chose to not wear a tie. His ensemble was completed with the kind of shoes that you wouldn’t think could work with a suit, yet somehow did. With his stubble and perfectly styled hair, the actor’s debonair style stood out. And he knew it too because this was the most confident we’d ever seen him at any red carpet event.


We know that this top ten doesn’t even begin to crack the surface of Brett’s personal and diverse style. We’d love to hear what some of your favorite styles have been over the last few years. Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter at @BrettDaltonOrg.

You can see all these images and many more in our gallery! And don’t forget to wish Brett Dalton a Happy Birthday today!!!

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