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Halloween is the perfect time to enjoy a good scare, and Until Dawn, the game featuring Brett Dalton as Mike Munroe, is carrying on that tradition in a creative and spooky fashion.

Executive Producer, Pete Samuels, revealed earlier this week that the most recent update of Until Dawn included eleven pumpkins hidden throughout the game. Fans are invited back to Blackwood Pines once again to join the search, but it may not be that easy! Some good sleuthing skills are needed to track all eleven pumpkins down, as some are trickier to find than others. Players are encouraged to take screenshots of their finds and tag them on Twitter with #UntilDawnPumpkin, with the official @SuperMGames Twitter retweeting their favorite shots! There’s also a competition running for the best screenshot composition of pumpkin finds. The tag is already full of players’ screenshots of pumpkins found in the most unlikely places, from beneath the shadows of the trees to the darkest corners of the mine. Obviously the Wendigos take Halloween very seriously!

In addition to this, the studio hosted a livestream on the evening of October 30th via the PS4’s PlayStation Events feature. Fans were able to join the game developers (in full Until Dawn cosplay) talking about how they conceptualized certain scenes and their desired reactions, while they themselves navigated the game live. The developers have clearly gone to some trouble to put together an engaging surprise for fans in hopes of spreading the Halloween spirit from Blackwood Pines to you.

Think you can find all eleven pumpkins? Let us know and be sure to tag it with #UntilDawnPumpkin!

Until Dawn is out now, only on PlayStation 4

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