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Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

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Halloween may be over for another year, but that’s not going to stop Supermassive Games from continuing to try and scare the pants off you!

After their hugely successful debut of the PlayStation 4 exclusive, Until Dawn, the game developer announced that they already have a new project in the works. Set in the environs of Blackwood Pines, a location familiar to fans of the original game, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is a somewhat different prospect than the character driven narrative of the first game.

Rush of Blood is scheduled for release on Sony’s PlayStation VR platform, and that has necessitated a shift in gameplay to an on-rails arcade shooter. Some fans have expressed disappointment at this change, having hoped for something more like the first game. However, those who had the opportunity to try the first level of the new offering at Paris Games Week feel that, once again, the developers have hit on something a little bit unique.

One of the key things making the first game so special was the way in which the jump scares were worked into the story: the motion sensor of the controller being used to good effect as you try desperately not to let adrenaline get the best of you. From what we’re hearing, the use of similar tactics in the form of sound and visual cues, is enough to have people screaming out loud.


Simon Harris, executive producer at Supermassive Games, explains that Rush of Blood is not a radical shift in direction for the developer, but represents the team taking the opportunity to work on two related games at once. He also explains the necessity for the change in genre.

“The group who were running Until Dawn were very influential in setting the storyline for Rush of Blood … [but] this is a completely standalone product that’s using the world we’ve created to do something very different, something that fits VR.”

What we know at this point is that the gamer is armed with a couple of shotguns and confined to a mine cart rollercoaster for the duration of the game. The locations will be familiar to anyone who has played Until Dawn, and we’re told that you’re playing “the descent into madness” of one of the original characters. We can only assume that this is Josh Washington (Rami Malek), whose actions were such an integral part of the first game. There will reportedly be cameos from other familiar faces, although there’s no word yet on who that might be. It would seem likely that Hannah and Beth (Ella Lentini) might appear, and we’ve got our fingers crossed that Mike Munroe (Brett Dalton) will also play a role in this new game.

In a similar fashion to Until Dawn, it’s rumored that Rush of Blood will have the opportunity for a branching narrative, which Supermassive hopes will enable a similar level of replayability that made the original such a success.

Harris once again teases future games in development, saying this of a new project from the group that built Until Dawn:

“It’s something we’re really excited about,” said Harris, “and we think the fans of the original Until Dawn will be really, really excited about as well.”

We definitely like what we’re hearing! Are you excited about the prospect of something a little bit different from Supermassive Games? Or are you eagerly awaiting a possible Until Dawn sequel instead?

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood will be available on PlayStation VR in 2016.

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