What Will He Become? – Brett Dalton previews season 3B

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TVGuide has just released a new interview with Brett Dalton, recorded back in early January, concerning his character’s return. A shocking mid season finale contained the death of Grant Ward and, below, Brett discusses the impact of his new role on the upcoming second half of season three.

Brett reveals that the ‘Creature’, as it’s referred to in the interview, is an enigmatic being. He goes on to tease the long history of this presumed Inhuman, and how it has played a significant role on both Earth, and the planet Maveth. For Hydra, returning this being to Earth has been the work of centuries, and their mission is now complete — so what next? 

Furthermore, Brett teases that this Creature has the power to inhibit bodies, much as we saw it convincingly possess Will in Maveth. The true motive and intentions of this entity remain to be seen, as does the extent to which Ward’s memories remain. Certainly knowledge of the team will have a great impact on any future interactions with SHIELD and, potentially, also those within Hydra. 

As we reported earlier this month, Elizabeth Henstridge let slip that Brett will return in season 3 as Hive. Dalton’s description of the new character, however, leads us to believe that the writers have diverged from comic canon. How that will play out on screen? We’ll have to wait and see! 

Do you think the Creature will raise hell on Earth? Will Malick decide that he’s made a huge mistake? Perhaps both. Tells us what you think! 

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returns 9PM, Tuesday March 8 on ABC

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  1. Good evening to everyone! I would love to share with all of you my thoughts about the future of our beloved Grant Douglas Ward.
    After years and years of abuse by his parents, he learned the lesson that he is worthless and anything he does is meaningless.
    Garrett taught him that his strong feelings, expecially love, are weaknesses.
    Everything made him an human being uninterested in redemption, uncapable of asking and even desiring forgiveness.
    What I think is that these extraordinary writers will turn upside down the situation: being possessed by Hive will be an unexpected blessing for him. The Hive will make him desire to leave the darkness, his feelings will be his strength in fighting it and he will become one of the greatest heroes Earth have ever seen, because he will destroy the Hydra (organization and creature) once and for all.
    By becoming Hellfire.
    There are four hints: in the comics Hellfire is a Hydra traitor, he loves Quake, Quake loves him back and finally he is killed by the Shield director. Moreover Ward was a pyro and wears a brown leather jacket, exactly like Hellfire. (And FIRE was the only thing that could dislodge the Hive from Will’s body…)
    The authors are inverting the flow of events: the Hive in the comics is created by Hydra, while in the series Hydra itself has been generated by Hive.
    In the same way, I hope, Ward’s story will be inverted: in the comics he is killed by Fury because he betrays Shield for Hydra, in the series his death will be a new beginning as a great hero and as a Secret Warrior.
    The first season reveals Coulson’s secrets, the second reveals Skye’s secrets, the third will reveal Ward’s secrets.
    I can’t wait to see!
    P. S. And what about Elena Yo Yo Rodriguez? Could she be Ward’s sister?

  2. brett the way u have transformed from season 1 -3 has been great and now the Hive thing its like great because i can take my tears back i mean the 10 episode was like amazing but the moment coulson just does his thing itss i thought there would be no brett from now on but good to see ur back : good work

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